Monday 1 August 2016

Infinitely BIG IV

A couple of weeks ago we held our fourth Bristol tournament at Bristol Independent Gaming.

Once again it was a pleasure to run as everybody knew what they were doing and swiftly got into their games. Unfortunately the turn-out wasn't as high as for our last event due to some players who had to cancel in the last few days leading up to the tournament, so in the end we had twelve people battling it out for the opportunity to take home a Krakot Renegade miniature.

Infinitely BiG IV prize pool - including the wooden 'spoon'.
This time the tournament was a 300pt Spec Ops event with the following scenarios being played:
  • Comms Center
  • Cold Sleep
  • Nimbus Zone
It's a bit of a shame that we had less players than expected but I suspect that one of the reasons was the complexity of the missions. All of them were very heavily objective-oriented and included various odd clauses such as limitations on airborne deployments, exclusion zones or Nimbus areas. It was certainly meant to make for challenging list building, albeit slightly eased by the inclusion of a Spec Ops.

The missions were chosen with quick setup in mind as setting up objectives after Cold Sleep is mostly just moving existing objective markers around slightly.

There was an added complication, from my perspective, in that I didn't have a laptop available on the day in order to collect results and derive pairings. Instead, all I had at my disposal was a cheap Kindle tablet and Corvus Belli's ITS site, which has been notoriously awkward in the past.

Fortunately all went smoothly, my Internet connection remained stable and the suggested pairings feature worked great. I'm glad we didn't have a bye player as I still don't trust it to calculate the bye score properly and having an extra table ready was handy as it doesn't have any ability to stop people from playing on the same table multiple times.

One rather awkward aspect of the results logging website was that it only displayed players 'nicknames' instead of their actual names. This made calling out results/pairings a little weird!

Whilst it was an interesting experiment, I think I'll go back to doing score-keeping and pairings on Excel in the future and then log the results on the ITS site at a later date. This makes it far easier to keep track of round-by-round results, people's names and factions. Not only that but it makes for a better results screen for the blog!

As it is, the results are below.

Infinitely BiG IV Resilts

So congratulations to Andrew Green (Fingol23), Daniel Barber (Epsolon921) and Graham Cleary (gamma ray) on their podium finishes and commiserations to Dale Platt ("Deep Strike") for taking home the tenderiser!

Anyway, nothing left now than to post some pictures up of armies/tables and remind people that the next event is on November 12th and that I hope to see lots of people there!

Nomads form a battle-line.

Some sweet looking digital camo Haqqislam

A Corporate Security Unit acting as a HVT.

Mass deployment of Nomad Remotes.


Table 1 

Table 2

Table 3

Table 4

Table 5

Table 6

Table 7

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