Wednesday 25 March 2015

Pigmar "All Grown Up" Tournament

So I realise this blog has been fairly quiet lately. In fact, I haven't written too many words on here since I binged out three articles in one day almost a month ago! Truth be told I've been feeling a little bit burned out for the past few weeks.

I've spent so much energy preparing for Infinity events, painting demo armies, organising tournaments and running the local league that I just haven't found the time to properly unwind and work on some other casual projects - and believe me when I say that there are plenty to work on!

It doesn't help that the last few models I tried painting I immediately stripped again because I wasn't happy with them. That was a real downer and is a substantial reason for my lack of enthusiasm currently.

But I found the time to go to an event that somebody else was hosting (Thanks Darren!) to try out some weird and wacky lists.

Teucer - Good this be the mini that will break my painting drought?

Tuesday 17 March 2015

Open Day at Bristol Independent Gaming

So I was down at Bristol Independent Gaming last Saturday to run demo/intro games as well as play a few casual battles as well.

It ended up being a really full day for me (I was pretty exhausted by the end!) but it seemed like everything was well received.

Adrian Wrenn was kind enough to take some photos on the day and I thought I'd share them with you lovely lot. :)

The stage was set for the clashes on the day

Thursday 5 March 2015

Setting the Scene

Infinity is a strange game. The way the Line of Sight and Cover rules work means that you need quite a lot of scenery on the table - in fact there are many anecdotes on people spending, and investing, more on terrain than on their armies!

Suffice to say you can never have too much good scenery, especially if you have multiple tables to fill or are demonstrating the game to other clubs and stores. So I figured it was time for an investment.

At my local club there was a collection of Micro Arts Studio buildings that had been languishing in a plastic tub for several months. They had largely just been dry fit with a couple of the panels back-to-front or inside-out and pieces were loose or missing outright. Due to their state they were rarely used, people were somewhat worried about them falling apart of being damaged.

So I bought them up and decided to give them a new lease of life. I'd never really worked with the HDF material before and I didn't have an airbrush to use for the painting, but decided to just dive in anyway!

Infinity-Ville - Population entirely composed of Special Forces and shady Mega-Corporation employees.