Wednesday 30 July 2014

A Painting Riddle

So, I've been busy getting stuff ready for Bring Out Your Lead '14 and as part of that I committed to bringing a bunch of models to the siege of Avalone game. With that in mind, here's a question for you!

What has 12 mouths, 24 ribcages and 72 limbs?

Saturday 26 July 2014

The Clash at the Crags - Part Two

The Armies

The forces of Khorne (commanded by myself)

  • Dorrin Blissbane - Dwarf 10 Hero with Chaos Weapon 'Lustdrinker'
  • Melondil Nightnoon - Dark Elf 5 Hero 
  • Marta Hartmann - Human 10 Hero
  • Hermann Foerster - Beastman Champion
  • 7 Beastmen - Light armour and shields
  • 7 Skaven - Light armour, shields and spears
  • 8 Humans - Bows and light armour
  • 8 Levy Humans - Spears
  • 6 Giant Wolves

Dorrin with retinue and Marta leading the village militia

The retinue of Fergus (commanded by Fimm)

  • Fergus - Fimir 5 Hero with Chaos Weapon
  • 5 Fianna Fimm - Light armour
  • 6 Shearl
  • 10 Humans - Shields
  • 5 Witch Elves - Additional hand weapons and poison

Fergus & Co.

Wednesday 23 July 2014

The Clash at the Crags - Part One

Well, Fimm and I didn't manage to continue our campaign at the Expo as expected so instead the much-delayed next chapter was played out this week.


Slowly the village folk unbarred their doors and started emerging from their homes and hovels, their sense of curiosity outweighing their fear now that the fighting appeared to be over. The Beastmen had started dragging the dead Fimm to the centre of the village and began to create a pyre whilst the Skaven busied themselves tending the wounded.

Proof that my photography skill needs work.

Friday 18 July 2014

The Long Road to Avalone

Every now and then I have a wave of realisation, one I'm sure many gamers are familiar with, that I actually have a lot of little toy soldiers to paint. The fact that Bring Out Your Lead 2014 is fast approaching - August 8th to 10th - has caused one of these realisations and this has forced me to confront my growing pile of unpainted lead.

A part of the 'pile' - I don't have a problem, honest!