Wednesday 23 July 2014

The Clash at the Crags - Part One

Well, Fimm and I didn't manage to continue our campaign at the Expo as expected so instead the much-delayed next chapter was played out this week.


Slowly the village folk unbarred their doors and started emerging from their homes and hovels, their sense of curiosity outweighing their fear now that the fighting appeared to be over. The Beastmen had started dragging the dead Fimm to the centre of the village and began to create a pyre whilst the Skaven busied themselves tending the wounded.

Proof that my photography skill needs work.

Dorrin ignored the gawking peasants as he was had greater worries. Fergus’ body had not been recovered so he had likely escaped in the commotion of the battle and this was of great concern to the dwarf.

Even distracted as he was, he did notice the eight archers who were creeping out of the woodswith their bow-strings pulled taut. Were they really going to fight him, he thought? “Do nothing” the whisper suggested, “they will come to understand.” He relaxed. The whisper had not been wrong yet. Besides, what were bows against his hardened flesh?

Marta saw the bowmen approaching too and ran out into the clearing in front of them, arms spread wide. “Don’t shoot” she shouted, “he is our saviour. They have driven the daemons away! Rejoice! Rejoice!”

Dorrin could take them all on, if he could ever catch them...

That night a feast was held in the village whilst the remains of the Fimir were burnt. Music was played, songs were sung, food was drunk and plans were laid. Wolves were heard howling in the distance, the smell of burning flesh drawing them closer to the village. Hermann, the wolf-man, howled back at them gleefully.

It's so fluffy!

Marta was the daughter of the village leader and had agreed to lead the militia forces against the foul Fimir come the morning. She did not know why these strange beastfolk would be helping them but in these trying times they would accept any allies. Had she not in fact prayed for a saviour to come and protect them just like this?

She left the celebration early to prepare herself and ensure her weapons and armour were properly cleaned and maintained. The armour Once belonged to her older brother, now long dead, who had served in the army of the Empire as a Sergeant and was a source of great pride for his family. With some extra padding it fit snugly and would grant her protection. As a weapon she had a mace that she was confident could shatter even a Daemon’s bones. After preparing her armaments Marta spent the rest of the night fasting and praying to prepare her mind too.

In the morning, they would head into battle.

The march into battle!

The Battle of the Crags scenario rules

Army size: Approximately 500-600 points each
Table size: 6' x 4'

The defending player deploys the terrain as they wish using a mixture of rock formations, rivers, swamps, marshes, forests and rudimentary dwellings.

In the centre of the table must be a slave pen, designated by four fences in a square containing 10 (levy) human slaves to be rescued.

Deployment and turn order:
The defending player must deploy first and at least 12” away from any table edge. The attacking player may choose to deploy on the short edges and move first, or on the long edges and move second. All attacking units must be deployed at least partially within 4" of the chosen table edges.

Rescuing the slaves:
Any model that spends one full player turn in base contact with the slave pen can open (or close) it. Once opened it takes one movement phase to form the slaves up into a unit attached to their rescuers. They will only move when attached to at least one non-slave model. The defending player may not pre-emptively take the slaves captive from their pens. Until rescued, the slaves do not block reserve moves.

Capturing models:
To capture a model, the defender must use improvised weapons (-1 to hit and +1 to target armour). Any model ‘killed’ is considered captured instead. Captured models accompany their captors, but do not fight. They can be released again by routing their captors and they do not roll on injury tables at the end of the game. Released captives are removed from the table as it is assumed that they flee from the battle.

Units that have taken captives may escort them from the battlefield but then cannot return to the battle. A unit may not have more captives than twice its own number of models (three times for Fimir). Excess captives are considered to have escaped.

Bonus Victory Points:
Half VP: Each 5 slaves escorted off any table edge. (Max 1 VP)
Half VP: Marta must survive the game and kill at list one Fimir.

Half VP: Each 5 humanoid models captured (including slaves that never left their pens) at the end of the game. (Max 1VP)
Half VP: Capture Marta or the attacking champion.

Ending the game:
The game ends when one side has no unbroken units remaining or voluntarily withdraws from the battlefield in disorder. An army that withdraws from the battlefield in disorder leaves all captives (and slaves) behind and receives a free hack if in combat when the game ends.

Special Rules:
Fergus and Dorrin each carry half a Daemonette's soul in their weapons. Whenever Fergus attacks Dorrin (or vice versa) for the first time in a player's turn choose one player at random to roll on the Bound Daemon Reaction Table (RoC:StD p97)...

Ripfondler - Daemonette of Slaanesh
Armour Save: 5+
Note: Cannot cast spells as not sufficiently rested.

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