Miniatures Wanted!

Updated 5th August 2016

Hi all,

Hopefully if you've ended up on this page then you can help me out. As many gamers have come to realise, there is no such thing as a 'complete collection'. There are always more models to add - be it ones you've coveted for a long time, ones that have recently been released or ones that you've only just found out exist!

So I've decided to catalogue the models that I'm currently in search of in case it helps with my search. I'll try and keep this page updated regularly.

Disclaimer: None of these images belong to me (on account of me not yet owning the pictured items!) and I claim no right over them - they have been taken from a variety of sources and I am going to try and credit them wherever possible.

More Battlefleet Gothic odds and ends

Looking for other odd BFG bits including Rogue Trader escort squadrons, Forge World Space Marine escorts, Grey Knight Strike Cruiser and an AdMech light cruiser.

Other odd BFG models also considered.

AT-43 Pre-painted Scenery

I'm on the lookout for as many of these crates as I can physically get my hands on! Also won't say no to the plastic barricades that were part of the same range.

Still missing four Chaos Centaurs from my collection. Doesn't matter what legs they come with.

Sisters of Battle

Looking for a handful (three?) metal Repentia and a single Hospitaller.


  1. I have a few repentia and the Strike Cruiser if you're still looking

    1. Certainly am. Drop me a line on :)