RoC Warband Generator

Updated on 2nd January 2022

Added a Renegade generator for 40k warbands using the StD and LatD rules - only took six years! Should be compatible with Windows and Mac OS. 

I've decided to move the Warband Generator to a static page so it'll always be easy to find and so I can post updates as necessary.

The Generator broadly follows the rules laid out in Slaves to Darkness and Lost and the Damned, but includes some tweaks to retinue size to make it a bit more fair/fun. The project was completed in an Excel workbook with lots of VBA and some tables carefully copied from the source books.

Please note that for it to work the file will need to be downloaded and macros will need to be enabled.

Renegades Version 1.0.0

1.2.8 Minor clear ups and improved commenting. Brought Mac version into line with Windows.

1.2.7 Skaven heroes no longer have the same base profile as a Slann...

1.2.6 Update includes a fix for Minotaur/Centaur/Dragon Ogre characters getting the wrong number of attributes after getting their level capped. Also some Beastman and Minotaur retinue characters were being allocated the wrong number of attributes.

There are a whole host of new features with 1.2.5, including:
  • The ability to save, load and delete Warbands using drop-down boxes. You can also delete stored Warbands directly from the SavedFiles tab marked in blue.
  • Beastman and Minotaur retinues for your champions.
  • Units receive dominant attributes rather than personal ones.
  • Proper support for Were-man champions.
  • Several bug fixes and minor updates.
There are also a few new options that are 'on' by default:
  • Cap Retinue Level - Followers will never have a higher level than your Champion, or level 5 whichever is greater.
  • Level Other Champions - Champions from the 'Other' races will be assigned a Class and Level just like Elf/Dwarf/Human Champions
  • Inhuman Heroes - Character followers will have a random race assigned to them.
  • Inhuman Followers - Some unit followers will have a random race assigned to them.

A sample output using the Lost and the Damned rules.

I've tried to follow the rules in the relevant books as closely as possible, but they are occasionally difficult to follow or confusing. If anything looks out of place then don't hesitate to tell me. Please feel free to use or modify this work as you see fit, but do credit the work appropriately by linking back to this blog.
  • Retinue size is based on the level of the Champion. Champions receive an additional attribute in order to make them a little more exciting.
  • Retinue, Attribute, Gift and Item counts overwrite default settings but are still modified by Marks of the Gods. Set Attributes to 0 if you want characters to just receive their basic attribute from their Mark of the God as per the main rules.
  • Slaves to Darkness Wizards, Warriors and Sorcerers are generated randomly as level 5, 10 or 15 characters with normal Hero/Wizard profiles.
  • All Heroes have randomly generated character profiles from WFB.
  • Statistic changes from Gifts, Attributes and Items are not calculated.
  • Retinue additions from Gifts, Attributes and Items are not calculated.
  • Monsters are always assumed to be their lowest level.
  • Race Override (Other) doesn't work with Level Override unless Class Override is also set. If you want Half-Orc Wizards and the like, set 'Level Other Champions?' to Yes.
  • The racial Warbands for Beastmen and Minotaurs from Lost and the Damned are included. The Warhammer 40,000 ones will follow eventually.
  • Attributes that are generated from Chaos Gifts are noted as "Attribute Name" "Gift".
  • As per Lost and the Damned rules, if you roll up a Hero as part of your retinue then he'll often be more powerful than your main character! Set 'Cap Retinue Level?' to Yes to avoid this.


  1. Amazing piece of Technical Work! I really appreciate your efforts on creating this! Surprised this isnt more popular!

    1. Thank you for your kind words, please do share it with anyone else who you think might be interested. :)

  2. Just found this. This is very helpful. Thanks a lot

  3. You had me at Warband Generator. I have never seen this before but the whole idea is awesome sauce to me! Can't wait to give it a try.

  4. Hey Peter! Sean's post brought me here. This looks amazing, but it doesn't work for me. However, I'm running Excel on a Mac, so perhaps there's a compatibility issue. The error message I get is "Run-time error '9': Subscript out of range." Just wanted to let you know, in case this is of any assistance.

    1. I've now created a Mac specific version that has removed the offending piece of code. It should work for you now. :)