Tuesday 29 April 2014

The Birth of a Champion - Part 2

I'm sorry that there were no pictures last time, I promise that it won't happen (very often) again!

Dorrin wandered the Old World for many a night, when awake he would slay all the abominations he came across and when he managed to snatch some sleep he would hear whispers in his nightmares. He was promised redemption, honour and even a glorious death if only he would follow the voice. There were promises of worthy foes, more of those that slew his brothers in arms. What more could one who has taken the Oath wish for than this chance to settle such a grudge?

His nightmares started to bleed across into the real world, he would dream of his skin turning to stone, of wings erupting from his back and the world drowning in blood. When he woke he'd find some of these things to be true. The voice told him that these changes would help him overcome his foes. 

One evening, still drunk with rage after all these days, he stumbled into a clearing in a great forest and instinctively knew that this was the place the voice in the night had guided him to. In the middle of this clearing was a great standing stone covered in fetishes and grisly trophies. Surrounding it was a braying herd of beastmen worshippers of Slaanesh. Dorrin gripped his axe tight, roared aloud and charged in, hacking left and right. To his surprise his battle cry was echoed from the far side of the clearing as another group of beasts answered his call and committed to battle also.

The fight was brief and violent. After but a few minutes all that remained were Dorrin and a small herd of Beastmen all in red, gold and dirty metal lead by an Elf wielding a glaive. As one they knelt down and pledged their allegiance to him, their new champion. Dorrin understood and accepted. With an army behind him he would seek revenge on the forces of the Pleasure God. 

Blood will pay for blood.

Melondil Nightnoon

Thursday 24 April 2014

The Birth of a Champion

Dorrin opened his eyes and looked around, blood ran down his face and his ears rang. There had been an explosion, as if a keg of gunpowder had detonated beside him. He tried to remember what had happened to him. 

His caravan had been set upon by Beastmen, his kin had been cut down as they fought back to back. The Beasts were led by a horror, a walking nightmare, a deamonette. Tall and sleek, the arms and tail of a sea monster, a featureless face and a single breast exposed. Disgusting and alluring at the same time, a perverted being.

Dorrin and the daemon had fought, axe to claw, as the other dwarves were butchered, until he stood alone. The combat seemed to last forever, the beastmen turned and watched, baying for blood. Dorrin knew he couldn't win as the deamonette tireless wore him down before finally imapling him through the shoulder with a slender, razor sharp claw, her face close to his, she hissed in delight. 

Dorrin closed his eyes and swung his axe wildly one last time with all his remaining strength and struck home. He split the deamonette clean in two, it's magical life essence spraying out. There was a flash of light, what sounded like a thunderclap and the air reeked of sulfur. He blacked out.

Wednesday 23 April 2014

Humble Beginnings

I've decided to start this blog in order to collect my thoughts towards the wonderful hobby of wargaming. My plan is that by presenting my work online it will encourage me to paint, play  and write better, to record my experiences and possibly even provide some interesting insights. I have a number of ongoing projects, as do many other gamers I'm sure, and I tend to flit between them somewhat sporadically. In no particular order these projects are:

Infinity the Game
An Aleph Chandra special operative
Infinity the Game is a near future sci-fi skirmish game developed my Corvus Belli and heavily inspired by manga and anime such as Appleseed, Ghost in the Shell and Akira. Combat takes place between high-tech combat groups of around 8-15 models and my faction of choice is Aleph. Aleph is a supremely powerful Artificial Intelligence who has been designed in order to keep humanity safe and well looked after by managing vast quantities of data. It has cyborg operatives who work for it and who it can operate though in order to maintain the status quo. No siree, definitely not going to turn evil at all, nope, no way.