Wednesday 23 April 2014

Humble Beginnings

I've decided to start this blog in order to collect my thoughts towards the wonderful hobby of wargaming. My plan is that by presenting my work online it will encourage me to paint, play  and write better, to record my experiences and possibly even provide some interesting insights. I have a number of ongoing projects, as do many other gamers I'm sure, and I tend to flit between them somewhat sporadically. In no particular order these projects are:

Infinity the Game
An Aleph Chandra special operative
Infinity the Game is a near future sci-fi skirmish game developed my Corvus Belli and heavily inspired by manga and anime such as Appleseed, Ghost in the Shell and Akira. Combat takes place between high-tech combat groups of around 8-15 models and my faction of choice is Aleph. Aleph is a supremely powerful Artificial Intelligence who has been designed in order to keep humanity safe and well looked after by managing vast quantities of data. It has cyborg operatives who work for it and who it can operate though in order to maintain the status quo. No siree, definitely not going to turn evil at all, nope, no way.

I regularly attend tournaments for Infinity and I do my best to promote it in my local area, it's genuinely an excellent game and has been my game of choice for the past several years. I intend to put up some faction and new player guides, gameplay summaries, tournament reports and army shots in future posts. For those who are interested, you may follow my progress in the 'Rest of World' rankings by keeping an eye on the banner at the bottom of the page. This is my ranking among all players outside the US and Spain this year.

Warhammer Fantasy Battle
A unit of skink cold one riders
As a youngster I loved the aesthetic of the Lizardmen and at the time the 5th edition boxed set of Bretonnians vs Lizardmen had just been released. However I didn't have the time, money, patience or ability to make a proper go of getting a good army together and finished. Now that I have at least one of these qualities (although I'm not sure which one) I hope to make some progress. This isn't an army I'm actually planning on playing many games with and isn't being built to comply with the latest edition, it is purely for my own benefit and enjoyment.

In the future expect to see all sorts of weird and wonderful creatures such as zoats, coatls, culchans, pygmies, human slaves and giant spiders/scorpions/snails/leeches along with the obligatory big dinosaurs.

The Realms of Chaos
A Chaos Troll
I recently signed up and have started contributing to the Oldhammer community under the name 'Vyper' and have felt the lure of Chaos. My goal is to generate a completely random warband, assemble and paint it and then chronicle my antihero's rise to power. I've been stockpiling some lovely old lead and trading with other forum members so I should be ready for whatever the (D1000!) random tables throw at me. My goal is to attend the Oldhammer day due to be run in August with a fully painted warband.

X-Wing Miniatures
I have also been lured in to the easy-to-play and pre-painted world of X-Wing miniatures. I have to say it is one of the smoothest game systems I've played so far, it is easy to learn and fairly intuitive. I decided to start playing as I felt I needed a low maintenance game that I could just pick up and play without spending time on assembling/painting. But of course that was never going to work out as I haven't been able to resist a bit of repainting and weathering on the models anyway.

Dropzone Commander and Flames of War
I have the start of a UCM Dropzone Commander army and a Early/Mid war Hungarian Flames of War army. At some point these will see paint, but it is not likely to be soon.

Hmm... well, I'd better get back to painting then!

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