Saturday 15 April 2017

Human Sphere - a new Infinity Wiki.

I've been a little quiet on my blog of late and that's because all my free time over the last few weeks has been sucked up by an exciting, new project.

I'd like to present to you the Wiki.

Human-Sphere aims to create a full catalogue of all the miniatures produced by Corvus Belli for Infinity, including those that are limited edition, unreleased or just long out of production. Each page brings together a lot of information that was otherwise very distributed, including:
  • Fluff text
  • A full listing of miniatures for each troop.
  • Faction and unit logos
  • Concept art
In addition I've also tried to document other accessories that might be of interest, such as books, dice, ITS packs and patches. Collectively this weighs in at over 400 individual pages and 1,800 images so I'm sure there will be at least something of interest for all players.

Let's just say I've been busy...

Monday 3 April 2017

Using Nimbus Grenades

Nimbus Grenades.

What they do is fairly straight forward. They create an area which has the properties of both a Low Visibility Zone(or Poor Visibility Zone for Nimbus Plus ammunition) and of a Saturation Zone. This results in a penalty to hit (-3 or -6 respectively) as well as reducing the Burst of all attacks into, out of and through the Zone by 1 to a minimum of 1.

The visibility/Burst penalties cannot be bypassed by Multispectral Visors, apply to both player equally and persist until the end of that player turn.

These esoteric pieces of equipment are scattered about a variety of troops but hardly see any use at all in my experience. In fact neither myself nor my regular group have ever used them or heard of them being used in a meaningful way.

Clearly they must have an intended role though, otherwise they wouldn't be in the game right? So I got to thinking in more detail about when I might make use of these strange explosives.