Thursday 17 August 2017

Aristeia - Meet the Aristos

Previously I went through and summarised the rules for Aristeia, so now it's time to talk about the Aristos themselves! I highly recommend reading through the rules article first as I'll be using much of the same terminology.

I'll go through the characters one by one, show their cards and talk about their abilities and what sort of uses they might have or who they might be paired up with. I've also tried to math out some of the possible results of rolls, but apologise in advance if I've made any mistakes in my calculations!

If you are interested, you can see the concept art and models for the characters in my Aristeia Seminar write-up. Oh, and for the record my ideal team is currently Gata, Parvati, Wild Bill (or Mushasi) and Hexx3r!

Wednesday 16 August 2017

Aristeia Rules Summary

Aristeia is a competitive, two player game where players build their perfect teams of fighters in order to duke it out in the HexaDome. It's very much a standalone board game rather than a port or hybrid of Infinity and generally it is best to look at it with any preconceptions.

As the release date is not so far away (before the end of the year I think!) it's time to start looking at the rules and mechanics behind the game. A lot of the information has been revealed at the Interplanetary, but as reporting has been pretty sporadic so far I'm going to take the chance to explain many of the rules, mechanics and concepts.

I'm going to try and cover as much as is practical of the basics without going into the nitty-gritty. Apologies if I have some of the terminology/timing down wrong, some of it has been glossed over for the sake of simplicity but also I'm still pretty new to the game of course and may have a made a couple of odd, unintentional mistakes.

There are some things that I can't show yet but I hope this will be interesting to those looking forward to the game or even just sitting on the fence.

Images have been taken from the upcoming Reference Guide and How to Play booklets, are property of Corvus Belli and are used with permission.

Sunday 6 August 2017

Interplanetary 2017 After Action Report

Well, I've just about recovered from another Interplanetary. As always it was a fun event with too much food and drink, but too little sleep! For those seeking a bit of background, you can read about the lists I took here and my exploits from last year here.

This time the event had expanded to 116 people playing 5 games each over three days and featured players from all over the globe. Last year I took my Steel Phalanx with me, with a suspiciously similar army list, and came 4th. How do you reckon I did? Better or worse? Well, read on...

Quick note on army lists: Phoenix's link consisted of Phoenix, Machaon, my Chain of Command Officer (with Shotgun) and a Myrmidon with Chain Rifle. Eudaros' link consisted of Eudaros, my Lieutenant Officer (with Combi) and two Myrmidons with a Combi Rifle and with a Chain Rifle.

Got to say a quick prayer to Toni before the games!

Thursday 3 August 2017

Gutier's Q&A at the Interplanetary 2017

I was fortunate enough this year to have Jan over at Infolux invite me to a Q&A session with Gutier “Interruptor” Lusquiños, Infinity's lore master. I believe Jan will be doing his own write-up, either for his blog or for Data Sphere, but he has given me permission to write and publish my own notes too.

We'll be talking about the Black Labs, mercenaries, the RPG, Outrage and even a bit of a game balance - so hopefully there will be some interesting titbits for everyone.

These comments shouldn't be taken as a transcript, instead I have edited and paraphrased both the questions and answers to be more easily readable as we did have a tendency to jump between topics or ramble back and forth on certain subjects!

Tuesday 1 August 2017

Aristeia! Seminar at Interplanetary 2017

One of the seminars this past weekend was a look at Corvus Belli's new game - Aristeia!

The rules themselves were covered at the demo tables and at a subsequent talk, but this one talked about the overall game concept and character designs.

As per the Bostria Seminar, the images in particular have been cleaned up a bit and brightened so the colours may not be completely true. This was done due to the lighting conditions in the venue causing them to otherwise appear quite washed out. All the new concept art will also eventually end up on the Human Sphere wiki.

Interplanetary 2017 Table Dump

This year's Interplanetary was the biggest to date, with a whopping 116 players playing across 58 tables!

Many tables returned from last year, albeit in different configurations and many were completely new too. Notably absent were any tables that used the card scenery from Icestorm, Red Veil or so on, of which there were still a couple last year.

It should be noted that some tables also had table-wide scenery special rules including poor visibility (sandstorm or blizzard), saturation (forest) and apparently even mountainous! Unfortunately I don't have notes on which terrain special rules applied to each table.

Below are two pictures of each table used at the event presented in numerical order. Mobile users beware!

Bostria's Seminar at Interplanetary 2017

As is traditional for the Interplanetary, Bostria presented a seminar talking about recent releases and events, and then some news regarding upcoming miniatures.

I was fortunate enough to be sat near the front with my camera and notepad in hand. I know much of this info has appeared online, but hope that this collated collection proves useful.

The concept art images in particular have been cleaned up a bit and brightened so the colours may not be completely true. This was done due to the lighting conditions in the venue causing them to otherwise appear quite washed out. All the new concept art will also eventually end up on the Human Sphere wiki.

Images are broadly presented in the order they were shown, so scroll down about half way to just skip to the new stuff.