Tuesday 1 August 2017

Bostria's Seminar at Interplanetary 2017

As is traditional for the Interplanetary, Bostria presented a seminar talking about recent releases and events, and then some news regarding upcoming miniatures.

I was fortunate enough to be sat near the front with my camera and notepad in hand. I know much of this info has appeared online, but hope that this collated collection proves useful.

The concept art images in particular have been cleaned up a bit and brightened so the colours may not be completely true. This was done due to the lighting conditions in the venue causing them to otherwise appear quite washed out. All the new concept art will also eventually end up on the Human Sphere wiki.

Images are broadly presented in the order they were shown, so scroll down about half way to just skip to the new stuff.


Strikezone Wotan

We started with a quick updated on Strikezone Wotan, including a number of faction awards. Corcus Belli were happy with the way Wotan turned out and are using it, and future campaigns, in order to allow players to develop the narrative plot of Infinity. What happens on Wotan will have an impact on the fluff in the future.

What this impact is exactly wasn't clarified at the event, but I'm keen to find out.


Bostria then went on to talk about the Outrage characters. He said that they will be broadly be easier to build than older/current Infinity miniatures as techniques learned from making the Aristeia! plastics has enabled them to create better joins on multi-part models.

Apparently there will not be any further rules for Outrage miniatures in games of Infinity, but that "stuff will happen" if we can bug Gutier about it enough. Start writing those emails folks!

Beyond Icestorm and Red Veil

The 'beyond' sets are used to expand Icestorm and Red Veil for new players. They will feature a series of missions which gradually introduce new rules and there will be additional web support that provides resources, guides and so on.

This is an attempt to combat the complexity jump between the starter boxes and the full games and each Beyond box, combined with the starter, should give a decently playable army.

Corregidor Army Box

One significant piece of news was the announcement of the new Corregidor Army Box. Whilst not really useful as an army in its own right (it lacks a Lieutenant option!), it will give new players a cost-efficient way of picking up troops for the sectorial. 

Bostria also said that they are planning for there to be two 200pt army boxes on sale at any given time so when a new one comes in, the oldest will rotate out. So don't hesitate to pick up that Onyx box soon as it won't be available for much longer!

The USAriadna-style army boxes were also mentioned and we were told that there are plans for future sectorial armies to potentially be released in the same way. Personally I'm really excited for that as they present excellent value.

Gencon Exclusives

We were also shown the concept art for the new USAriadna Intel Spec Ops (not the sweet looking Panzerfaust) and a bit of background for the chibi Musashi.

Personally, the Intel amuses me due to having 'SPEC OPS' written on the front of his uniform, in case your opponent was in any doubt as to who to shoot first.

Apparently one of the original concepts for Aristeia! was as a chibi-style game, but this experiment was canned fairly early on. The Musashi miniature was then created from these early concept designs.

New Stuff - PanOceania!

Military Orders are being resculpted for the end end of 2017/early 2018. It's unclear exactly how far ranging these resculpts are going to be but Crusaders, Hospitallers and Joan are locked in. DeFersen I think was mentioned and there is the potential for more new Knight miniatures too.

We're also finally getting a Locust!

Joan is going to have her 5th sculpt (the same number as Musashi!) and is going to have a tactical-Umbra Legate to stand on.

New Stuff - Yu Jing!

It's been a long time coming, but there's finally going to be a Kanren blister that comes with a Mad Trap. Again the new, smarter assembly system for miniatures was mentioned.

The Shikami looks sweet too!

New Stuff - Ariadna!

We'll be getting the Volunteer SWC box with a Chain Rifle, Light Grenade Launcher, HMG and a Light Shotgun.

There is also a generic Ariadna Spec Ops with two different arm sets in the box - a shotgun and a Molotok. I'm pleased to see alternate arms appearing in single-model blisters and hope this is something that continues. I believe this miniature has the same body/legs as the Gencon exclusive, but a different head and arms.

New Stuff - Haqqislam!

Fairly big news for Haqqislam this time around as we were shown renders for the new Hassassin starter box! It comes with a Muyib, Ayyar, Farzan and three Daylami.

We were also treated to renders of the SWC box for Muyibs which contains a Rifle, Light Grenade Launchers, Heavy Rocket Launcher and a Medic.

New Stuff - Nomads!

We also have some 'big' news for Nomads. First up we see a Taskmaster sculpt which again contains an alternate set of weapons. I believe you will get the Heavy Rocket Launcher and the Red Fury in the same blister, allowing you to choose who you wish to arm your walking tank.

Speaking of walking tanks we were also treated to concept art for the new Szalamandra, showing not only the finished concept but also the underlying layers showing how it was designed. It will be the TAG used by the Tunguska sectorial.

I like the similarities to the Iguana and would suggest that those who might want the original sculpt buy one quickly, as the old Szalamandra was certainly a unique-looking model.

New Stuff - Aleph!

The only news for Aleph this year was the release of Andromeda and her pet pooch Cetus. Whilst I'm not sure show useful her in-game profile is, I have every belief that the model will be stunning

New Stuff - Tohaa!

Not much for Tohaa this time either, other than a resculpt of Neema Satar with a Spitfire.

New Stuff - Combined Army!

For the Combined Army we get a long-awaited HVT model - the Pneumarch of the Ur Hegemony. Note that this isn't an 'Ur' itself, just an emissary for them. I really love the haughty look to the model. Later in the Interplanetary Bostria said that they hadn't finalised the designs for the Ur themselves yet. Make of that what you will!

There's also an Umbra Legate with Spitfire and, speaking of long-awaited, a Nexus Operative! I'm sure Onyx players will be happy to finally have this almost omnipresent trooper.

New Stuff - Mercenaries!

One of the most exciting pieces of news for me was the announcement of the ITS Season 9 limited edition miniature - the Cube Jager.

We haven't been presented with any rules for this new troop but have been told that it is a Tohaa troop that will be available for every army. It seems to have some kind of breathing (scuba?) gear, which is interesting though.

There is also another version of Scarface coming out for those who missed their chance to pick up the limited edition one from Season 8.

Upcoming Release Schedule

Last up is the upcoming release schedule for the next 3 months, with a couple of intriguing unknowns.

... and that's it for this seminar. Lots more info to come over the next few days from the Aristeia seminar, a Q&A session with Gutier, the table dump and of course my after action report!

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