Saturday 29 July 2017

Interplanetary Round Table 2017

Another year, another series of Interplanetary seminars! This year we started with the 'round table' - actually three people sitting in a row - which was a mini Q&A session.

There were a few prepared questions plus a number from the audience. I've tried to write them up as accurately as possible, but beware that there might be some embellishment or paraphrasing and any inaccuracies are very likely to be my own! Although Bostria does like misleading people...

Our hosts were Gutier, Alberto and Bostria.

Thursday 13 July 2017

List Building for the Interplanetary 2017

Another year, another Interplanetary tournament!

This is going to be my third excursion to Vigo and, whilst I pulled out a good result last year, my goal, as always, is to end up somewhere in the top third. Remarkably I've actually had much less practice this year than last - and I thought I was under-prepared then!

Once again I was really hoping to take some USAriadna with me, but when the missions were announced I knew I had to be taking my Steel Phalanx once more. This army is the Sledgehammer of Infinity and I had a feeling there would be some tough nuts to crack!

Sunday 2 July 2017

Ragnarok Escort Services

I'm still gradually adding ships to my Battlefleet and for this update I wanted to inject a bit of variety into my fleet. It turns out that thirteen of the same escort is probably overkill and I probably want some more options in the future.

I'm also finally kicking off a campaign this week so want to have plenty of ships to appeal for after my games!

A lunar class cruiser surrounded by two squadrons of escorts