Thursday, 13 July 2017

List Building for the Interplanetary 2017

Another year, another Interplanetary tournament!

This is going to be my third excursion to Vigo and, whilst I pulled out a good result last year, my goal, as always, is to end up somewhere in the top third. Remarkably I've actually had much less practice this year than last - and I thought I was under-prepared then!

Once again I was really hoping to take some USAriadna with me, but when the missions were announced I knew I had to be taking my Steel Phalanx once more. This army is the Sledgehammer of Infinity and I had a feeling there would be some tough nuts to crack!

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Ragnarok Escort Services

I'm still gradually adding ships to my Battlefleet and for this update I wanted to inject a bit of variety into my fleet. It turns out that thirteen of the same escort is probably overkill and I probably want some more options in the future.

I'm also finally kicking off a campaign this week so want to have plenty of ships to appeal for after my games!

A lunar class cruiser surrounded by two squadrons of escorts