Wednesday 24 February 2016

Reinforcements have Arrived

Attending events and playing games is always the best motivation for me to actually get something painted. So it was a good thing that I'd signed up for the Winter Challenge in Exeter last weekend and felt compelled to show up with my army finished! What wasn't quite so good was still putting on the finishing touches late on Friday night...

I just couldn't bear the thought of showing up with undercoated or (gasp!) naked models. Again.

Group Shot

Wednesday 17 February 2016

ITS 2016: Tournament Pack Unboxing

They've arrived!

I've been eagerly awaiting the new ITS tournament packs ever since the 2016 season was announced and I'm pleased to say that eight of them showed up at my door yesterday. I now have the pleasure of cracking them open to see what goodies they hold.

The 2016 season has arrived.

Wednesday 3 February 2016

Story League: Episode 1!

My local Infinity group has been asking for me to organise a league for some time now but I've been putting it off because I'm not keen keen on the 'official' format and the ITS-lite style missions I used last time weren't as well received as I would have hoped. So I've decided to throw something together that's a little bit different.

I really want to take this opportunity to use some uncommon rules and asymmetric scenarios of the kind not really suitable for tournament play. I've got a rough idea for a story that will unfold depending on the outcome of the previous missions (decided by the most common result reported by those taking part) and a vague plan for how the missions will work mechanically.

The first part of this league and the basic rules are below and I'll hopefully release a new part every two to three weeks.

Malamir Khan is a high-profile PanOceanian ambassador currently visiting New Shanghai on the world of YuTang to discuss the defection and detainment of an Imperial Service agent turned info-hacker known only as 'Snowfall' who is currently residing in the PanOceanian embassy. 

Amelia Khan, his daughter who is probably better known by her stage name 'Lady Bay', is a P-pop sensation who is known for giving concerts in any cities her father is visiting at the time. 

This time she's playing a small, but packed, gig at a bar called The Sandbox. Normally these events proceed without incident but this time an anonymous tip has led to her private security being bolstered just in case...

Image property of Corvus Belli.