Wednesday 24 February 2016

Reinforcements have Arrived

Attending events and playing games is always the best motivation for me to actually get something painted. So it was a good thing that I'd signed up for the Winter Challenge in Exeter last weekend and felt compelled to show up with my army finished! What wasn't quite so good was still putting on the finishing touches late on Friday night...

I just couldn't bear the thought of showing up with undercoated or (gasp!) naked models. Again.

Group Shot
You can find the lists I took with me here and here and Ian has put up a dump of pictures from the day as well as the tables we used on the official forums.

Overall I came 7th out of 14 on the day (or 5th if we were using the ITS 2016 ranking system) which wasn't the performance I had hoped for. Still, that's why we experiment with lists in the first place.

Much to my surprise however (because there was stiff competition) I won the painting prize for the day! This certainly made the last minute attempts to get everything ready feel worthwhile.


The prize for best painted army was a copy of the Infinity Artbook signed by the Corvus Belli team.Very cool indeed! 

It's definitely going to be a treasured part of my Infinity collection.

Achilles 2.0

Of course I had to start with the man himself - Achilles He's recently been released in a two-mini box alongside a limited edition version (which being kept pristine for now) and I just couldn't help but paint him up (he's so dreamy).

Achilles isn't the most interesting model in terms of textures though due to the vast amount of armour he's covered in. I picked out some areas in blue and painted his sword green to add a bit of colour to the mini.

In particular I think the face and hair are exceptionally well sculpted, making it dead easy to paint. The large, flat areas and sculpted icons on the shoulder pads don't hurt either.

Agema Sniper

Next up I had an Agema Sniper to accompany him. This mini has been long overdue a coat of paint given how often I've used other models to proxy him!

Even after having painted two of the models from this unit I still don't know quite what is going on with the helmet/visor thing. I assume it's meant to pull down over his eyes?

Dactyl Doctor

The Dactly Doctor is quite a lovely model although a bit of a shame that he's seen armed with only his Medikit. Yes, that 'gun' dispenses sweet, sweet healing at range. Or at least a whole load of painkillers.

I lvoe the sheer amount of kit these guys are lugging around with them. With all the straps and bags they look like they are ready for anything.


Acmon is actually my most recent purchase and he, rather unfairly, bumped himself to near the front of the painting queue.

I appreciate the pose with two pistols because it means he stands out well from the rest of the Aleph range, although I'm yet to encounter a situation where those pistols are more useful than his other weapons!

I would have like to have seen a Panzerfaust slung over his back as well. It would certainly make for a good conversion.

Go-Go Marlene

Last up is Go-Go Marlene, my War Correspondent. She was completed from beginning to end in an afternoon and, apart from her rather excessive lipstick, I'm pretty happy with the way she turned out. I'm also pleased with how well the yellow has worked as it's normally a colour I try and stay away from.

She has the distinction of being painted from a green undercoat, unlike all my other models which start white. This is because I'd bought her assembled and undercoated second hand and didn't have time to start from scratch!

In particular I'm delighted by the fact that her robotic sidekick looks a bit evil with the glowing eyes. I was worried it would come across as too 'cutesy' based on the mini alone, but that was completely unfounded.

Right, time to take this new found motivation and get back to painting then.


  1. Nice paint jobs, and the painting award must be extra sweet given the last minute rush to get everything painted. ;)

    1. Thank you. I'm glad I got round to putting the time in. Just got to keep it up now.