Friday, 15 July 2016

Infinity - Dealing with Impersonation

The use of Impersonators in Infinity can be quite a divisive subject. Complaints of unfairness are frequently levelled against them because their unique rules seem to break so many fundamental aspects of the game and they bypass many conventional defences.

At first they may come across as unstoppable monsters who can go where they please with impunity, picking off valuable targets (such as an all-important Lieutenant) with complete disregard for their own safety, much like human-shaped guided missiles. However, in practice they are far from unreasonable - they might even be fair!

Learning how to deal with them effectively only comes with practice and experience, some of which I hope to share with you in this article.

Have a nice day!

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Infinity at the UK Games Expo 2016

Last Sunday I was back at the UK Games Expo in Birmingham to organise an Infinity event for a second time. Once again we ran the event with 24 players and even had the privilege of playing indoors, rather than in the marquee like last year, as the trade section of the Expo had been moved over to the NEC.

We had great help from the Expo staff who had set up tables/cloths ahead of time for us and provided me with all the things that I had left at home (paper. duct tape etc.) as well as three trophies to hand out to the players.

Information on the final rankings, prizes, armies and tables are all below. Be aware that there are quite a lot of images.

Trophies for first place, runner-up and best pained army.

Friday, 27 May 2016

Tournament Results Slips

Small update today. I mocked up some Infinity results slips for use in the 2016 ITS format and thought I'd take the opportunity to share them with other organisers.

The slips fit six to an A4 page and you can download the PDF from my Google Drive here: Result slips download.

Sample result slip

If you are running a tournament for the first time then do also check out my article for advice on organising a successful event.

Monday, 23 May 2016

Infinity - Limited Edition Models

There's one aspect of Infinity that has always struck me as poorly documented and that is the limited edition miniatures that were released over the last five years or so.

I've seen many discussions about them and read lots of requests for information but I've yet to see anyone attempt to catalogue all those that have been available. So I'm going to step in and try and set things straight! Frankly, I'm a sucker for this kind of thing so it's definitely my forte - I just can't help buying into whatever rare toys are made available!

The Limited Edition miniatures can be broken down into four broad categories; tournament rewards, pre-order bonuses, celebrations and 'others'.

Please note that this does not include anything from the general Bootleg range (such as Penthesilea), out of production/unreleased miniatures or the starter-pack exclusives, but do let me know if you think I've missed any!

(Left to Right): CSU, Maverick, Joan, Gogo, Bounty Hunter

Friday, 6 May 2016

Making USAriadna Great Again

Having finished my first USAriadna box set I did what any self respecting player would do and immediately bought a second one - all for the princely sum of £35 (thanks Simple Miniature Games!)

I just couldn't resist given that it's currently the only source of many USAriadna units although this does mean that my painting queue has become rather full once again...

The new recruits

Friday, 29 April 2016

Play the Game - A Case for Intent

This topic has long been a bone of contention in the Infinity community and has had people split down the middle with a lot of passion on both sides. It's a heated issue that I've been loath to get involved with until now.

Very recently I was made aware of an article which aggressively refutes the suggestion that intent is a legal (in rules terms) way of playing the game and there was a significant conversation in the UK Infinity Facebook group about it too.

These two things combined have spurred me to throw my hat into the ring and write about the topic as well. My strong belief is that 'intent' is in fact the correct way to play the game and that it is fully supported by the rules.

In this article I'll be trying to clarify my definition of 'intent', my understanding of the rules and will be making some suggestions on how intent-based game-play can work without falling into common pitfalls.

Woo, more USAriadna ready for battle! I intend (ha!) to get a lot of games in with these guys!

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Story League: Episode 4!

Welcome to the final episode of our Story League. Thanks again to those of you who submitted results for the previous mission as it resulted in a major victory for the attackers!

I've also now uploaded a PDF of all the missions for easier reading.

In the last episode an unmarked interplanetary transport vessel carrying Amelia Khan and Snowfall's cube suffered a "terrible accident" following a routine stop-and-search by a Yu Jing customs vessel.

They never stood a chance. With the generators destroyed and security forces routed the stricken transport ship was left drifting. A few demolition charges placed in key areas of the hull were sufficient to break the vessel up. There were no survivors. 

The formal report suggests an engineering failure in the starboard engine as the cause of the explosion and the blame has been laid at the feet of the port technicians, many of which are now facing trials for negligence. 

Whilst the conflict continued in space, the Yu Jing judiciary revoked PanOceania's diplomatic status and demanded that any information pertaining to Snowfall be turned over immediately. Naturally, this request was denied. 

Ariadnan mercenary forces storm the grounds of the PanOceanian embassy.