Thursday 27 November 2014

List of the Week - Stuck in a (Ma)Rut

A while back on the Infinity forums I chimed in on a thread about getting the most out of the Marut in ITS at the 300 points level.

The Marut has always been tricky to fit into a list. It's expensive (122 points), is an obvious Lt (due to Strategos) and is part of an elite and expensive faction where you don't have cheap rifle-toting troops to provide orders. This can make supporting it properly, whilst still having sufficient specialists for ITS, a challenge. Needless to say it doesn't get much table time.

I was initially going to write up a 300pt Marut list for ITS, but my heart wasn't in it. You can read most of my thoughts about it in that thread anyway. Long story short, just use an Asura instead and save 50 points.

Then fate intervened and I received a PM from Urian on the forums asking for help building a 400 point Marut-lead Aleph army for an upcoming Spanish Spec-Ops tournament. The catch was that he really needed to submit it that day. After a lot of discussion, here is the list he used.

Look behind you! - Image from Corvus Belli

Friday 7 November 2014

List of the Week - Two-TAG-Haqq

What's that I hear you cry? "But Haqqislam can only take one TAG!" Not if you are playing Qapu Khalqi!

Some sectorials armies offer substantially different options compared with their vanilla peers and when deciding to take a sectorial you always have to consider what you are gaining by giving up a lot of versatility. With this list I intend to gain a great deal indeed.

Few sectorials differ more from their counterparts than Qapu Khalqi. You gain access to a variety of mercenaries (Druze, Yuan-Yuan, Scarface) and a host of Nomad troops (Alguaciles, Mobile Brigada, Iguana) in exchange for a rather limited selection of basic Haqqislamite troops. You also have access to the Haris rule allowing you to field a 3-man secondary link ands the ability to bulk out your links cheaply using Hafza.

This is going to be a 300 point Spec Ops list that is designed to be able to take all-comers in all scenarios, i.e. the kind of list I'd happily take to a tournament.

Image property of Corvus Belli