Tuesday 30 August 2016

Interplanetary 2016 Manga Seminar

There were a number of smaller seminars at the Interplanetary, including one about the upcoming manga, which seemed very interesting.

I didn't know much about the project before attending so I busily took photos and made (rather scribbly) notes throughout. The panel had Kenny Ruiz (illustrator) and Victor Santos (writer) on it alongside the CB staff to talk about their work and the character designs.

Please be aware that because this seminar was done during the daytime many of the pictures came out looking quite washed out on the projector. I've therefore increased the contrast to make them more clearly visible but this might not be completely accurate to the final product and minor details may be lost.

WARNING: This post contains a lot of large images - mobile users beware.

Interplanetary 2016 Table Dump

Like last year I found the time to take pictures of all the tables at the Interplanetary before the tournament started.

There was an excellent selection of scenery on show and the all-card tables from last year were noticeably absent. Several tables had special terrain rules including woodland (cover or saturation and difficult terrain) and mountainous/aquatic areas (difficult terrain) but there didn't appear to be any very difficult terrain.

Generally there was a good mix of terrain density, although some of the tables definitely look a bit too 'even' which reduced the value of picking deployment zones. There were a couple that seemed a little lacking in scatter, but nothing outrageous.

The tables are all presented in numerical order (from 1-50) and there are two pictures of each table, one from the front and one from the right side.

WARNING: This post contains a lot of large images - mobile users beware.

There was also some life-size beautiful scenery in Vigo!

Interplanetary 2016 Bostria Seminar

Last weekend I attended the Interplanetary tournament in Vigo, Spain. There will be a full after action report coming in the next week or so, but first I wanted to to share a lot of the pictures I took at the event.

In particular there was a seminar from Bostria about upcoming releases that you may find interesting. There was some overlap with stuff that was shown at Gencon, so I've tried to show mostly things that I believe are new, or at least that I wasn't aware of!

These are mostly photos of their projector, so there may be clearer images from the livestream somewhere, but this should be a rather complete set of pics. Enjoy!

WARNING: Lots of images!

Saturday 27 August 2016


Help me.

Are you ALIVE?








Wednesday 24 August 2016

Questions from Google II

Welcome back to another Questions from Google where once again I'll be trying to answer the questions that have brought people to my little corner of the Internet.

As before, all of the questions below are search terms that individuals have used to land on this blog but likely haven't been answered. Some of these I have had to interpret a little as the question was somewhat unclear or vague.

Hopefully these will again be useful for you lot!

Tuesday 23 August 2016

USARF Recruitment Office - Part 2

More USAriadna? More USAriadna!

The army is coming along nicely and this next batch adds a lot of variety for my infantry. I'm still loving painting these guys and am looking forward to picking up the Maverick box soon too!

Hardcase, 112, Grunt with LGL, Dozer and Airborne Ranger

Sunday 14 August 2016

USARF Recruitment Office - Part 1

I've kind of fallen behind with uploading pictures of my USAriadna army and I've been working on them at quite a pace recently!

I'm still really enjoying painting the colour scheme and look forward to playing the faction a lot once the Interplanetary is over. I'm hoping to give them their tournament debut at the Exeter team tournament towards the end of the year.

Anyway, here's the first of the batches that were completed recently.

Wednesday 10 August 2016

List Building for the Interplanetary 2016

Can you believe that it's been a year already? Yep, it's almost time for the Interplanetary tournament in Vigo, Spain again.

For those not in the know, the Interplanetary is a 100-man tournament held in the home-town of Corvus Belli and it marks the end of the ITS season. Last year I took my Steel Phalanx and came a fairly respectable 33rd. My goal this time is to not do worse. Given my lack of tournament practice over the last year this is going to be a challenge!

My initial plan was to take a freshly painted USAriadna army with me, but after discovering that the tournament was not a Spec Ops event this year (at some point it was changed and the players weren't advised until near the deadline) my list prep was in tatters. In particular I was concerned about the faction's ability to complete Highly Classified reliably.

So I went crying back to all-knowing Aleph and once again took control of the Steel Phalanx.

Saturday 6 August 2016

Exeter Summer Challenge 2016 AAR

Last weekend I attended the Summer Challenge in Exeter which had a rather unusual format.

It was a three round campaign tournament with 12 starting XP, perma-death and panoplies which you could loot for weapons/equipment that would persist between games. It had all the potential for making really ridiculous combinations of skills or equipment and it didn't disappoint!

I was incredibly unprepared for the event and, if I'm honest, I almost flaked out at the last minute as I was feeling pretty rough that morning. I hadn't even decided on what faction to take until I was already on the train to the venue! Despite the potential flexibility of vanilla Aleph, in the end I settled on using my ever-reliable Steel Phalanx given the rather bloodthirsty mission selection.

Fortunately for me, it all worked out better than I had expected.

Monday 1 August 2016

Infinitely BIG IV

A couple of weeks ago we held our fourth Bristol tournament at Bristol Independent Gaming.

Once again it was a pleasure to run as everybody knew what they were doing and swiftly got into their games. Unfortunately the turn-out wasn't as high as for our last event due to some players who had to cancel in the last few days leading up to the tournament, so in the end we had twelve people battling it out for the opportunity to take home a Krakot Renegade miniature.

Infinitely BiG IV prize pool - including the wooden 'spoon'.