Wednesday 23 March 2016

Infinitely BIG III

Last weekend I hosted my first tournament of the year at Bristol Independent Gaming.

We had a great turnout of 19 players (one player had to drop out) making this the largest Infinity tournament held in Bristol so far. In fact it could have probably been bigger still except that we had run out of allotted space at the venue!

All the prizes!

Not only was it the largest tournament so far, it also had a substantial prize pool thanks to the assistance of Corvus Belli who supplied a care package of goodies to distribute at my next few events.

The missions being played were
  • Transmission Matrix
  • Safe Area
  • Annihilation

The games generally ended on time, although a fair few in rounds 2 and 3 ended up finishing after only two turns. Slow play is still an ongoing issue, but I tried to reduce the impact by having a per-turn scoring mission before lunch so it could overrun if needed and then the end-of-game scoring missions after lunch when there wasn't any spare time.

The tournament was hard-fought and remained fairly close throughout. The wooden spoon prize was hotly contested and was complicated greatly by the lowest scoring player at the end of each round receiving a bye and 2 TP.

The players who received byes were Daniel Barber, Tom Rackham and Nathan Morgan in the first, second and third rounds respectively.

The final standings were as follows:

So congratulations to Peter Rees for taking first place with the most Tournament, Objective and Victory points of any player! Commiserations to Luke Archer who managed the impressive feat of scoring 0 Tournament Points all while avoiding a bye!

I've added a column called 'ITS Rank 2015' to show how the same players would be placed on the old scoring format, although of course things would have worked out differently with pairings. This isn't used for scoring purposes any more of course, but some people will find it interesting for comparison purposes.

The prize pool was distributed among the players as follows, although 2nd and 3rd place prizes ended up swapped around on the day.
  • 1st Place - ITS Winner's Pack with Secure HVT Card, Limited Achilles and Hephaestus Scenery Pack
  • 2nd Place - USAriadna starter box and Hephaestus Scenery Pack
  • 3rd Place - Kerail Preceptors With Symbiobeasts box
  • 4th Place - Avicenna and Le Muet
  • 5th Place - Hac Tao Hacker and Bandit
  • Last Place - Azra'il with Feuerbach and the coveted wooden spoon (half price entry to next event!)
  • Byes - Limited edition Patch and two of the silhouettes/dog tags.

In addition to those prizes I broke open a classified objective deck so I could deal out cards to those who didn't bring their own decks with them. This deck was then given as a randomly assigned prize to one of the players who didn't have one of their own.

Overall I'm very pleased with how the event panned out, everything ended roughly on time and BIG were great hosts as always. 

So thank you to all the attendees and especially to those who bought scenery. These events couldn't be run without you and I hope to see many of you next time as well.

Not much more to say apart from that, so enjoy some pics from the day!

Table 1

Table 2

Table 3

Table 4

Table 5

Table 6

Table 7

Table 8

Table 9

A beautifully converted PanO remote belonging to Jon

Niko's Forward Observing remote shrugs off heavy sniper fire!

Robin's Speculo Killer (with Ko Dali's help) clears up Yu Jing forces.

Why is it that it's always the dog walkers who find the bodies... 

Joan surveys the battlefield

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