Wednesday 3 February 2016

Story League: Episode 1!

My local Infinity group has been asking for me to organise a league for some time now but I've been putting it off because I'm not keen keen on the 'official' format and the ITS-lite style missions I used last time weren't as well received as I would have hoped. So I've decided to throw something together that's a little bit different.

I really want to take this opportunity to use some uncommon rules and asymmetric scenarios of the kind not really suitable for tournament play. I've got a rough idea for a story that will unfold depending on the outcome of the previous missions (decided by the most common result reported by those taking part) and a vague plan for how the missions will work mechanically.

The first part of this league and the basic rules are below and I'll hopefully release a new part every two to three weeks.

Malamir Khan is a high-profile PanOceanian ambassador currently visiting New Shanghai on the world of YuTang to discuss the defection and detainment of an Imperial Service agent turned info-hacker known only as 'Snowfall' who is currently residing in the PanOceanian embassy. 

Amelia Khan, his daughter who is probably better known by her stage name 'Lady Bay', is a P-pop sensation who is known for giving concerts in any cities her father is visiting at the time. 

This time she's playing a small, but packed, gig at a bar called The Sandbox. Normally these events proceed without incident but this time an anonymous tip has led to her private security being bolstered just in case...

Image property of Corvus Belli.

Participating in the League

So how do you take part, what are the rules and (most importantly) are there going to be prizes?

Who Can Take Part?
Anybody is welcome to take part in the league and influence the outcome of the story, just let me know your results through the contact details below.

If you are outside our local area then unfortunately you won't be eligible for prizes (shipping costs etc.), but I'll do a leader-board of everyone's results so you can see how you compare to others taking part.

The Missions
Missions will be announced every two-to-three weeks depending on how quickly results are received. If you don't get time to try a mission then you can play it at a later date, but it won't influence the outcome of the story!

The aim is to have a series of four missions, although this may be extended if there is ongoing interest in the format. 

Players receive two points for a Major Victory and 1 point for a Minor Victory. Each scenario can be reported twice (once each as the attacker and defender) and the results sent to me using the contact details below. Players can play the missions any number of times, but only the first two occasions for each player count for scoring purposes. 

These results must be accompanied by pictures taken during the game as they are required for me to be able to report the event to Corvus Belli and get sweet discounts on tournament packs and other support.

Depending on how many people take part I'll split up a tournament pack and hand out some goodies at the end of the season. Eight or more players means a limited edition miniature will be up for grabs.

Contact Details
If you have any results, questions, concerns or feedback then contact me by replying to this post, via email ( or sending a message through the Infinity in Bristol and Bath Facebook page.

Mission 01 - Kidnap

Choose one player to be the Attacker and one to be the Defender. This may be pre-agreed or assigned by making an Initiative roll with the winner picking their preferred role.

Attacker Briefing:

You are tasked with the kidnap of Amelia Khan. She must be taken alive and it is vital that none of our operatives are captured during the operation. We have the element of surprise and this may be the best chance we'll have to get a bargaining chip. 

Get the girl and meet back at the extraction point where our support team will evacuate you. 

Attacker Forces:
200 points, chosen as normal.

Attacker Deployment:
The Attacker deploys second.

The Sandbox is considered to be an exclusion zone for the Attacker so no Attacking models or markers may be deployed within it.

Defender Briefing:

It's probably nothing, just some prankster trying to cause up a stir, but the Commissioner believes that the threat against Amelia Khan is real. We've planted some undercover agents within the venue itself but they are only lightly armed so others will be nearby just in case. 

Conventional security forces will move in if hostile targets are identified, but they'll take some time to arrive.

Defender Forces:
200 points, chosen as normal.

Defender Deployment:
The Defender chooses which table side to deploy on and always deploys first.

The Defending player may deploy up to two Light Infantry or Skirmishers anywhere within The Sandbox but not any other models, equipment or deployables (Mines, Crazy Koalas, G:Synch Remotes etc.). The remaining models must be placed in their Deployment Zone.

Defending models may not use any deployment skills including, but not limited to, Infiltration, Impersonation, Mechanised Deployment or Forward Deployment in order to deploy models or markers outside of their DZ.

The Defender is allowed to use Airborne Deployment for all models including AI Beacons.

Table Set-up:
In the centre of the table is The Sandbox which is represented by a 8" square MAS objective room or other mutually agreed terrain feature.

Kidnap setup guide.

Game Duration:
This scenario has a limited time frame, so it will automatically finish at the end of the third Game Round. After this time it is assumed that Defender's reinforcements arrive and the Attackers are evacuated.

Special Rules:
The Defender chooses table sides and deploys first. The Attacker takes the first turn.

The Retreat! rules are ignored during the game.

The use of Command Tokens is not permitted.

Unlike in normal games, the Attacker is allowed to target their own models with attacks as long as they are in the Null state (typically if they are unconscious). Note that Dead/Destroyed models are always removed from the Battlefield and are no longer considered in play.

Extreme Prejudice (secondary objective):
As a secondary objective the defender must perform a coup de grĂ¢ce against an unconscious or Spawn-Embryo enemy model.

This is as per the Extreme Prejudice classified objective.

Amelia Khan:
Amelia is placed by the defending player during his Deployment Phase anywhere within The Sandbox. She is treated as a Civilian who is Hostile towards the Attacker and Neutral towards the Defender.

The Attacker must synchronise with Amelia as a Short Skill at WIP-6. The Defender may synchronise with her at WIP -3 instead.

Amelia may not be the target of attacks and any attacks that affect her are negated. If she is killed in any way then both players lose the scenario. Amelia is never capable of performing attacks.

The Sandbox:
It is recommended that The Sandbox is represented by a MAS objective Room with all the doors open. There should be plenty of scatter terrain inside it in order to represent a crowded environment and to provide cover.

On the first two turns the inside of The Sandbox is considered to be a Nimbus Zone due to the crowds of people inside. It is not permitted to place templates (including Smoke Grenades etc.) within The Sandbox during these two turns (Civilian casualties are rather frowned upon!) so any skills which cause a template to be placed entirely or partly in such a way are considered to be Idle instead.

During the third turn it is assumed that The Sandbox has been evacuated or all the patrons have fled so the area no longer has any special rules associated with it.

Victory Conditions

Attacker Major Victory - Amelia is synchronised to an Attacking model and the Defender does not complete the Extreme Prejudice secondary objective.

Attacker Minor Victory - Amelia is synchronised to an Attacking model at the end of the game.

Defender Minor Victory - Amelia is not synchronised to an Attacking model at the end of the game.

Defender Major Victory - Amelia is not synchronised to an Attacking model and the Defender completes the Extreme Prejudice secondary objective.