Thursday 5 March 2015

Setting the Scene

Infinity is a strange game. The way the Line of Sight and Cover rules work means that you need quite a lot of scenery on the table - in fact there are many anecdotes on people spending, and investing, more on terrain than on their armies!

Suffice to say you can never have too much good scenery, especially if you have multiple tables to fill or are demonstrating the game to other clubs and stores. So I figured it was time for an investment.

At my local club there was a collection of Micro Arts Studio buildings that had been languishing in a plastic tub for several months. They had largely just been dry fit with a couple of the panels back-to-front or inside-out and pieces were loose or missing outright. Due to their state they were rarely used, people were somewhat worried about them falling apart of being damaged.

So I bought them up and decided to give them a new lease of life. I'd never really worked with the HDF material before and I didn't have an airbrush to use for the painting, but decided to just dive in anyway!

Infinity-Ville - Population entirely composed of Special Forces and shady Mega-Corporation employees.

After a lot of puzzle solving, working out what loose bits go where, I decided I was happy with the configuration and started glueing in earnest. I used a multi-purpose glue to hold everything together and that seemed to work just fine although I'd probably use PVA in the future.

I also punched out some extra windows from the original configuration. Unfortunately I still haven't found a reliable way of removing the windows without risking damage to the frame. I tried using a thin craft knife to cut the connecting bits of HDF but it rarely seemed to be enough. Any damage was repaired with liberal application of more glue.

The Jones' were unimpressed when they realised that someone had stolen their roof

All the buildings were painted with normal spray cans, all Army Painter, and there was no priming stage. All the details held really well even despite several coats of paint.

The insides were sprayed first with Matt White primer to give a clean look and a feeling of light through the open windows. Next was some Wolf Grey on the inside edges of the rooms and finally another coat of white to soften the edges of the grey. I wanted it to seem like the edges of the rooms were in shadow and to give them a bit of colour variation rather than just the clinical-looking white.

After using low-tack tape to cover any doors, windows and miscellaneous gaps, Desert Yellow was used to spray the outside of the buildings. Each building was then given a streak of either Wolf Grey or Dragon Red which was then softened by more Desert Yellow along the top and bottom edges of the streak.

In retrospect I far prefer the grey to the red, but such is hindsight.

Poundland solar lights sprayed in the same style.

Next up I applied some Ancorton Models OO-Scale Modern Graffiti transfers to the buildings to give them that 'lived-in' look. These water-slide transfers were dead easy to place and after drying were sealed with brush-on matt varnish. I'll definitely be picking up more of these in the future.

Lastly some red weathering powder was used around hatches, drains, inside edges of roofs and the corners of the buildings to dirty them up a bit.

I've also picked up some 1/43 scale Russian service vehicles very cheaply on eBay and after knocking them about a bit, darkening the recesses with a brown wash and covering them in graffiti they fit right in. These are the perfect size for Infinity models and I'm looking forward to adding some police vans, Jeeps and ambulances soon.

I love these transfers. If I hadn't run out they would have ended up everywhere!

With these buildings done, we finally have a complete and dedicated Infinity table set up and we can stop nicking stuff off the 40k players. They will be most pleased I'm sure. Overall I'm very happy with how it all looks and I received a lot of positive feedback at my recent visit to WireWorld.

Now I'm just waiting for the Forward Base Kickstarter scenery to arrive so that we can fill up a second urban table as well!

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