Tuesday 30 August 2016

Interplanetary 2016 Bostria Seminar

Last weekend I attended the Interplanetary tournament in Vigo, Spain. There will be a full after action report coming in the next week or so, but first I wanted to to share a lot of the pictures I took at the event.

In particular there was a seminar from Bostria about upcoming releases that you may find interesting. There was some overlap with stuff that was shown at Gencon, so I've tried to show mostly things that I believe are new, or at least that I wasn't aware of!

These are mostly photos of their projector, so there may be clearer images from the livestream somewhere, but this should be a rather complete set of pics. Enjoy!

WARNING: Lots of images!

Market Research

At  this seminar we were presented with a few market research suggestions in addition to the ones shown at Gencon

The Gencon suggestions were:
  • Red Veil expansion pack
  • Remote Racing
  • Deathmatch
  • Dogbowl
  • Aristeia
  • Dungeon Crawler
  • Acheron Falls book
  • O-12 Army Pack
  • Combined Army vs Aleph pack
  • New Fantasy Wargame)

The extras we got are below:

The 15mm game would have approx. 28mm tall TAG minis, which I think sounds pretty cool!

Yep, that's a spaceship game!

The Amalgam Global Campaign would allow interaction between Infinity and the new 15mm and Acheron Blockage games, assuming they existed!

Dire Foes

A new Dire Foes pack was announced sometime back and is designed to be paired with Red Veil. We were shown some concept art and renders for the new characters.

Mad Traps are adorable! They are also really scary because they are effectively Adhesive Crazy Koalas.

No renders of the Mad Traps unfortunately.

I've no idea how accurately you can actually fire a gun like that, but I suspect not very!

As with all Dire Foex boxes there is a civilian model. For Defiant Truth we have this lovely lady who takes the concept of a 'tactical rock' to a whole new level.


In case PanOcenia players were feeling left out after the Yu Jing/Haqq hype from Red Veil, it turns out we are getting a LOT of Shock Army of Acontecimento stuff coming out.

Looking at these new renders, I'm pretty tempted to start another new army...

The Sniper is probably my favourite miniature out of everything we were shown!

I love the hulking, defiant look to the Montesa! There's someone you really don't want to mess with.

Also interesting to note that it has pegs instead of a tab under its feet. Pure speculation, but maybe it'll be on a 40mm base?

Yep, that's a brand new starter box and quite a scary one at that.

Unfortunately it looks like it'll suffer with high SWC costs though due to all those special weapons.

We also got the first few pics from the upcoming Varuna sectorial including a Varuna-coloured ORC troop...

... and the new Kamau.

Yu Jing

We were also shown a Guija pilot, adding credence to the idea that TAG pilots are going to be more important in the future.

It also appears that Yu Jing make rather inferior quality zips...

Yu Jing also gets a new weapon to add to its arsenal - the Wu Ming with Heavy Rocket Launcher. It looks incredible and I look forward to having my army blown up by one regularly.

Here you can see a Wu Ming jealously guarding her lunchbox.


Ariadna seems mainly focused on the USA sectorial at the moment and we were shown more pictures of the Unknown Ranger and the upcoming Mavericks which are already common knowledge.

A Veteran Kazak appeared as a nod to the upcoming Kazak sectorial, but there wasn't really any other info at the moment.

We were also  shown an 'alternate colour scheme' for the Unknown Ranger...

USAriadna players have been clamouring for more Marauder sculpts pretty much since the army was released and they won't be disappointed!

Yep, that's a full SWC box!


Haqqislam got a fair bit of love in the seminar and have a lot of good looking minis coming out in the near future.

But we already have an Ahl Fassed I hear you cry...

... well not like this!

Yes, that's a Heavy Rocket Launcher and SMG and, yes, that is terrifying.

We got more Bashi Bazouk goodness too!

Haqqislam are just getting some gorgeous looking toys at the moment!

I really love the elegant pose and sweeping look to this model. I might have to buy it just to paint!

We were also treated to new Djanbazan renders.

That go into making a full SWC box.

Interestingly, there is no Sniper in this set so the current one which seems to be a community favourite (sitting down with rifle lying on arm) will remain 'current' for now.

Continuing the theme of getting more weapon options and sculpts for already released units, there is a new Govad HMG as well.

Finally we got concept art for the Hassassin Ayyar. Not having a proper sniper (other than Lasiqs, of course!) in an army of assassins definitely seems wrong and it's good to see that it's being corrected.


The space-pirate-scum were in for a bit of a treat too!

The first bandit was very well received by the community and I have no doubt this one will be too.

Those camo cloaks and creepy face-maskas just give them a wonderful look.

Now we get to the really good stuff, the start of the Bakunin overhaul!

Complete with brand new started box. No renders yet but the box should be a hit because it is absolutely stacked with guns!

Oh yeah, and there are SWAST teams too and they are BIG.

And angry.


Not much for Aleph this time around unfortunately, although I know there is a fair bit of clamour for news on Vedic releases.

Okay, the new Garuda looks incredible though.

It's interesting to note that not only does it now wield human-looking weapons but that there is a Spitfire option too.

Yep, that's a Garuda with a Spitfire alright. Turns out that some dreams do come true. Now, if only they'd give it Super Jump as well....

We were also shown some concept art for the Post-Human Marks 4 and 5.

Nothing hugely unexpected here, but I hope they re-do Marks 1-3 as well and release a big box in one go.

Combined Army

Then we got to the Aliens!

The new Overdron model looks amazing and is going to be one part terrifying...

... to one part adorable.

Overdrons are a really interesting unit, exclusively focused on long range and with low PH (for a TAG) they are sitting ducks if an enemy comes close to them. On the other hand, powerful ranged weapons and Albedo can make them devastating!

We were also shown what looks to be most of a Suryat box.

It's unclear if it is going to be a 3-Morat box, or whether there is another Suryat or even a TinBot that we haven't been shown yet. The most likely scenario is that they will come with a TinBot-A.

There was also a new Fraacta unit with an ever-useful Spitfire.

We then got a preview of the second TAG pilot of the seminar.

The Raicho pilot looks like a badass and it's nice to see more female Morat models.


The Kaauri sentinels appear to be getting two new weapon sculpts with not a tactical rock nor rage fist in sight!

Note that you can still see the metal sprue joining the horns and on the backs of the arms. Those are not a secret new design feature!

There's also going to be a new Army Box for Tohaa as for the Onyx force.

It seems like a pretty good selection of models and should be a decent start for anyone looking to get into the faction. In case it is hard to see, you will get:

  • 4 Makaul
  • 3 Kamael
  • 1 Clipsos
  • 1 Sakiel
  • 1 Ectros
  • 1 Kotail
  • 2 Kaeltar Specialists (and Symbios)
  • 1 Nikoul

Lastly for Tohaa we had some (awesome looking) concept art for the Sukeuls.


Finally, we were shown some new Mercenary sculpts.

Having a new Miranda Ashcroft is pretty fun. Hopefully she'll get an updated profile as well (make her Regular please?) as she isn't used much currently. She's a neat character and has the potential to be pretty useful in many armies,

Oh, and her new sculpt is sweet!

We've also got the general release Krakot Renegade with two SMGs.

I think these guys are pretty underused currently, presumably because they are quite hard to get hold of, but I expect their use to rise after this version becomes available.

ITS Season 8

The ITS Season 8, the first to run directly form one Interplanetary to the next, has been confirmed to have Joe 'Scarface' Turner as the limited edition miniature.

This is the third TAG pilot to be announced at the seminar!

Yes, that guy has ripped the head of a Unidron or a Xeodron. If only he could nab a Plasma Sniper Rifle as well...

And that's it for now, but there will be notes from the others seminars coming soon!


  1. Wow man, so many cool concepts! The rest of the year is going to be great for releases.

    Haha, loved the commentary on some of those pics too.

    1. Yep, it's going to be an expensive year...

  2. Its a big Batroid, it's a Xeodron.

  3. I have see on INFINITY Facebook italia a picture with the art of TAG (QUIZ), there is art of the cutter and the marut. Do you have take more photo of the Infinity stand ? and if yes can you put ths picture.

    1. I'm afraid I didn't take pictures of the TAG Quiz - one of the few things I don't have photos of!