Wednesday 24 August 2016

Questions from Google II

Welcome back to another Questions from Google where once again I'll be trying to answer the questions that have brought people to my little corner of the Internet.

As before, all of the questions below are search terms that individuals have used to land on this blog but likely haven't been answered. Some of these I have had to interpret a little as the question was somewhat unclear or vague.

Hopefully these will again be useful for you lot!

Martial Arts in Infinity N3

Martial Arts is a levelled skill and each level includes all previous levels of the skill. For example, Martial Arts level 3 (MA3 for short) allows the model to use Martial Arts levels 1 and 2 as well.

Martial Arts table taken from Infinity rulebook, p101.

When declaring a CC attack with a trooper who has a level of Martial Arts it is also obligatory to declare which level of Martial Arts is going to be used. Only one of the five levels can be used by a trooper in a given order so it is not possible to stack multiple levels.

The 'Opponent MOD' applies to all face-to-face rolls including Dodge and BS attack. The Attack, Damage and Burst MODs apply to any weapon that the martial artist uses for their CC attack, including Pistols and Bare Handed.

MA3 is generally preferred when combat is between two competent fighters as in those sort of situations it is extremely important to score a critical hit!

For example, imagine a combat between two Oniwabans (CC24, PH12 and MA4) where they are both fighting bare-handed (honourable combat!). Oniwaban B will always be using Martial Arts level 3 and below are the chances of each causing a wound on the other depending on what level Oniwaban A uses.

  • A doesn't use Martial Arts: A causes a wound 13.43% of the time and receives one 51.52% of the time.
  • A uses Martial Arts L1: A causes a wound 20.62% of the time and receives one 39.38% of the time.
  • A uses Martial Arts L2: A causes a wound 15.90% of the time and receives one 51.52% of the time.
  • A uses Martial Arts L3: A causes a wound 30.56% of the time and receives one 30.56% of the time.
  • A uses Martial Arts L4: A causes a wound (or more) 23.48% of the time and receives one 42.13% of the time.

As you can see, Martial Arts L3 is by far the best choice and everything else is significantly worse.

Against poor fighters, such as basic line infantry, Martian Arts L4 is generally a superior choice however and against inanimate objects (doors, walls, objectives etc.) Martial Arts L2 can be effective too.

Don't forget that Martial Arts is completely negated by the Natural Born Warrior special skill.

Infinity the Game - Points and SWC

Support Weapons Cost (SWC) is an additional points value that is used in Infinity. Some troopers, especially those carrying heavy weapons or unusual equipment, will cost half an SWC or more in addition to their normal cost. This acts as a balancing measure by restricting the availability of lots of powerful equipment without making them unreasonably expensive.

In games of Infinity each player receives 1 SWC to spend per complete 50 points of their agreed game size. Some options, such as the Hsien Lieutenant with MULTI Rifle, increase the SWC limit for your army and this would be denoted by a '+1' or similar in the army list entry.

A standard 300 point game of Infinity will allow players to spend 6 SWC, this is true even if a player chooses to spend less than this total (e.g. 299). A 120 point game (such as the first round of an escalation league) will allow players to spend 2 SWC.

Don't feel that you have to make full use of the available SWC as it is perfectly possible to create good lists without maximising this resource. However, if you are spending significantly less than the limit it may be an indication that you have an under-gunned list.

What is the Best Haqqislam Miniature?

This could be answered in a couple of different ways - either in terms of form or of function. Unfortunately both of these questions are highly subjective, but I'll give answering them a go.

Aesthetically speaking I might have to give it to the Govads. They have a nice mix of sculpts and there is not a rage-fist or tactical-rock in sight, which is a big plus in my books. They look well sculpted, are quite believable and have a good feeling of movement to them.

Haqqislam Govads

In terms of function, I'm going to have to vouch for the lowly Ghazi Muttawi'ah. For a measly 5 points he or she is equipped with a large variety of weapons - including the devastating Jammer which can Isolate a target from outside line of fire! They also come with Smoke Grenades, E/Marats and Chain Rifles as standard.

They are also pretty tough with Dogged and are excellent for making discover checks with their impressive WIP of 15, although remember that you cannot use Discover as part of an Impetuous order. They are pretty good at intuitive attacks too. I think most Haqqislam armies can do with finding space for at least a couple of these vicious warbands.

Of course, this is a moot point because we know that all Haqqislam troops are secretly just Hafza in disguise.

Toni Macayana?

She's dead! It's in the FAQ and everything so you'll have to make do with regular Tikbalangs until Aleph decides to resurrect her....

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