Monday 5 January 2015


This is going to be a super quick post about the outcome of the campaign hosted by Geoff just prior to New Years. You can find loads of pics and a bit of a write-up on his blog. Seriously, go take a look, the gangs and terrain look great.

The Emperor's Reeves performed marvelously and you can find the updated gang roster on Yaktribe. I rolled up a fine smattering of advances and skills throughout the half dozen games played and managed to avoid taking any casualties, mostly by being a sneaky git and letting other people do the fighting.

Of particular note is Constantine becoming hard as nails (yay), the Heavy only getting a Strength and Weapon Skill advance (boo) and my Ratskin being a complete and utter badass. I even managed to convert my Old Ruins into a Settlement using an isotropic fuel rod. Happy days!

But my most important success was capturing an Escher Juve from Geoff and, in roleplay terms at least, converting her to my side. So without further ado, let me introduce you to Jett, the newest member of the Reeves.

Jett, the Wonder Juve 

I'm pretty pleased with this conversion job. I wanted to make the model obviously Cawdor without making any permanent changes to an otherwise good condition model. The face mask is a simple green stuff job, although I'm not sure how it's held in place as it looks like there should be another strap around the back of the head. Oh well.

The spade was a fortuitous find in my bits box and I'm far happier with it than with something conventional like a sword. It's held in place by a band of green stuff which pretty much defies physics, but that's what the 'rule of cool' is for, right?

She's also the first model I've ever painted a checkered pattern on and I'm really pleased with how it turned out. It's definitely something I'm going to try more often.

Armed with a 'Massive Axe', AKA a trenching tool.

So thank you very much to everyone who attended (I'm dreadful with names, but I'm pretty sure there were at least eight people named Andy...), I had an absolute blast playing with you all. I can't even remember the last time I gamed into the small hours like that. Hopefully we'll get to continue this campaign (with added story-line) sometime around Easter. :)

The Reeves will always be ready to hand out the Emperor's justice!


  1. I love the checkered pattern. Definitely a good call!

    1. Thank you, I'm definitely going to be bolder about trying out patterns in the future. I was just very aware that due to the green stuff/plastic I'd have problems with stripping it if it goes wrong.

    2. Well, the gamble paid off this time. :-)

  2. love the paint work and mask!
    as for how it holds up? power of plot, just like most superhero masks seem to these days =)
    either that or its a solid mask of some lightweight material, so the bottom strap is all thats needed?

    1. That's good enough for me, and thank you for the comment. :)

      I'm going to work on an Orlock or two next which should be easier to convert due to their bandannas giving a flat surface for the strap. I think that with a coherent colour scheme, a gang of mixed models could end up looking pretty sweet.