Monday 29 December 2014

The Gang's All Here

Much to my own surprise I've actually finished a painting project this year. In record time in fact. This is definitely not what I'd expected to happen as normally my productivity drops off as it gets colder and darker (than usual). But with a Necromunda campaign starting early in the New Year I've had to crack on.

A Cawdor gang definitely was not what I expected to be working on this Christmas as it is a recent addition to the collection, but the rather simple and charming sculpts means that it got bumped up the queue quite considerably. I've got most of an Escher gang that needs some TLC and a fair sized bundle of Ratskins that really ought to have some colour splashed on them, but the Cawdor models were just so delightfully easy to paint that I couldn't resist!

The Emperor's Reeves are now ready to take the fight to heretics, mutants and wyches everywhere.

The Emperor's Reeves in all their glory

After much deliberation, I decided on a natural looking basing scheme that could fit into a variety of settings rather than the normal Necromundan dingy, grey and bleak d├ęcor. I ended up going full 'Bob Ross' with the bases with lots of bright flock, flowers, shrubs, rocks and other happy little accidents.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the way the gang has turned out, I think the feudal style looks good on them and the entire gang looks coherent despite each model having a slightly different pattern. If I get a second gang leader (I'm looking for the two Juves and the Leader I don't have yet, so if you've got them to trade get in touch) then I think I'll try a chequered design on him.

The rank and file

I can definitely see why the Studio models were painted with the distinctive red trousers, it really makes the models pop nicely and I wish I'd done them all in those colours. The browns, tans and greens get lost amidst the other colours whereas the Squig Orange really stands out.

I'm also not happy with the way the guns look. I really need to devise a plan for realistic looking weapons, I feel like they should be quite dark in colour but the highlighting never seems to come out right. The light colour weapons, such as the casing on the Heavies' stubber, just looks like a child's toy which is certainly not the effect I was after. I think this will come with practice and experience.

I do really like the dark green masks, P3 Coal Black for those wondering, (thanks Emma for the suggestion!) and I'm definitely going to use that colour more often. The greenish tinge is really lovely.

I picked up a big box of paints second hand and most of the colours I haven't even used yet. I should really try and expand the range of paints that I work from.

Ted and Johnny, professional cannon fodder

The Juves had the most basic tabards, no edging or split colours, to distinguish them from the Gangers. Both the Juves will be carrying Hand Flamers (which have no doubt been handed down from one martyred Juve to another) so they can bring the Emperor's light to all kinds of heathens - and gain lots of tasty XP while they are at it.

Ideally I'd like to have more Juves in the gang as I far prefer them to the Ganger sculpts, but I have to make do with what I have sadly. I might try converting some Orlocks to use as extra Juves as they have quite a similar look. They just need the distinctive masks really.

Ki'Ah'Nu - Rat hunter extraordinaire

For Ki'Ah'Nu I decided to attempt a tiger pelt style colouring for the ratskin on his back and I think it contrasts nicely with the long pink tail dangling out the back. I'm not entirely happy with the way that the stripes came out, but it definitely passes the tabletop challenge, i.e. does it look good from a foot or two away.

I like the idea that in the Underhive the everything has evolved from rats, spiders, and snakes (for the most part) and that these three genera fill all the roles of the animals in our own world. Tiger Rats, Elephant Snakes, Spiderlopes etc.

Hmm... Spiderlopes...

I'm looking to playing some Necromunda again, it's going to be quite a shock having to re-learn the rules though!

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