Saturday 17 January 2015


Vanguard's Escalation League is kicking off on Monday which means I've got to get some painting done on the Haqqislam that I'll be using. I want to make a commitment to having a fully painted force at each stage of the Escalation League.

That's a fairly gently pace of painting that will hopefully give me enough time to also paint more stuff for the demo games I'll be running at Excelsior Bristol on the 7th of Feb. I've got a bit of a head start as I have a few troops already painted, but there is no time for complacency.

Haqqislamite doctors are known to be the best in the Human Sphere and so I really wanted her, and her little robot buddy, in my starting force. Hopefully being able to patch up my troops fairly reliably will make up for my lack of Heavy Infantry.

A fireteam of Ghulams on patrol.

 Because my Haqqislam forces have been on hold for almost a year now, and I hadn't really set my colour scheme in stone before, I was really using this model as an experiment. My aim was to have a template for the rest of the army.
I knew I wanted some to do something with the colour green - the 'traditional' Haqqislam colour - and that it had to look fairly striking at a distance. My original Ghulams (those at the back) had been done entirely in earthy tones and I think they ended up looking blank and lacking in contrast. I really wanted something to make the models pop.

A specialist in bullet holes - making them and fixing them!

The two main colours are a very old (hexagonal pot!) of Emerald Green and my perennial favourite Bleached Bone. The dark brown vest in the armour is Scorched Brown and the leather items and boots are Graveyard Earth. The skin is the classic Bronzed Flesh and the weapons are Vallejo Dark Grey.

The painting was super easy as it was just block colours, an Agrax Earthshade (it's never going to be quite as good as Devlan Mud was) wash and then highlighting up with the original colours mixed with white. The bases were done in Bleached Bone and Dark Grey to match the models, albeit with less highlighting, and the red tiles are Red Gore.

You may need to look at the colour conversion chart to work out what these are called in the current range I'm afraid!

And the view from behind!

They were a pretty quick paint job and are a little rough around the edges, but for test figures I think they've come out pretty well. I'm happy with the way they look, so this is going to be the scheme that I'll stick with for the rest of my forces.

On another note, the full PDF unit profiles for Infinity N3 have been officially released. This means I was practically obliged to head straight down to my local printers to get myself a hard copy sorted out!

The whole thing comes to over 200 pages and is spiral bound with dividers for each of the factions. It wasn't overly cheap at around £15, but it certainly beats flicking through an electronic copy on my phone.

Nothing quite like having it all in print.

The downside is I'll have to to tip-ex in the errata and changes as they get announced.

Right, on with some painting then. I should have the first models from my Icestorm Nomads (at last!) to show soon and I've got to work out how best to expand my Haqq forces. Decisions, decisions...

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