Sunday 22 April 2018

Heavy Support for the Lizardmen

Just a quick update today to show what I've been adding to my Lizardmen lately. Having finished up a couple of chunky blocks of saurus warriors, I thought it was time to turn to something a bit meatier.

First up, I managed to scrounge together a group of four Kroxigors. I'm not sure about their effectiveness on the battlefield as I usually try and mix them in with skink units, but the sample 1,000pt list in the back of the 5th ed book had a unit of 4 so I will too!

The models are all stock except for the champion who has the arms from the blood bowl kroxigor that I got as part of a trade. I've no idea why someone decided to chop up that mini, but their loss is my gain and, despite the fact that the arms look a little stubby, I think it looks pretty good.

I'm hoping that the Kroxigor will make for a decent anti-cavalry unit and with their high strength value will be able to carve through heavy armour.

Next up was a Stegadon. I've had this guy for quite a while. picking him up for a song at a bring & buy. and after a clean-up and a lick of paint I'm pretty happy!

The entire Stegadon itself was painted using only about three colours, all of which were quite muted, because I wanted the skinks and the howdah to really be the focal point of the model.

With greens, reds, blues, golds and oranges in the howdah I thought i might look a bit too busy, but overall I'm pleased with how it came out and the different parts don't clash too much.

I've got another Stegadon (or two) to get done before the summer and will be using them to crush through units of elite infantry. Unless the crew all get shot out first, I guess.

That's it for this update. Hopefully will have some more to show next week!

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