Sunday 8 April 2018

Coatl Got Your Tongue?

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a .... snake?

This Coatl has been sitting in the pile for a long time as I've been unsure of what scheme I wanted to use on it. But after seeing a beautifully painted example of this mini by Andrew 'Frogg' on the Codex Slann group I knew I had to steal his idea!

The sculpt itself is gloriously textured and took drybrushing really well, which made it an absolute doddle to paint. The teal main colour  was a mix of Enchanted Blue plus Goblin Green, blending into pure Enchanted Blue, Liche Purple and finally Squig Orange. The latter was also used for the underside.

This Coatl is intended as part of my army for the upcoming Oldhammer weekend. As I'm planning on playing 7th edition, albeit heavily inspired by everything from 2nd onwards, I needed some rules for the feathered beast.

Coatl - 180pts - Hero choice (0-1 per army)
Coatls are Level 2 Wizards, and may use the Lore of Life, Light or Heavens. A Coatl may never be the army general or join other units..
They Cause Fear, Fly, have Poisonous Attacks and have a Ward Save (4+).
Magical Storm - All missile fire directed at a Coatl suffers -1 to hit.
Arboreal Predator - Coatls treat woods and jungle as open terrain for all movement purposes.
Master of the Wood - Coatls with the Lore of Life may only substitute one of their spells with Master of the Woods instead of the first spell on the list (Mistress of the Marsh).

Coatls use the base stats found in 3rd edition which I've conservatively left at their lowest level. They've retained their fear causing, flying and poison attacks from the same edition, but have also picked up Magical Storm from the 2004 Chronicle, and have had Arboreal Predator and Master of the Wood added for theme.

Whilst I was considering just lifting the 2004 chronicle profile wholesale, it didn't really seem to reflect the smaller model that I had available. As such, my profile should be used to represent a younger creature (a 'family feast', to use pygmy terminology).

Honestly, I have no idea if these are costed appropriately. They are pretty resilient and can put up a hero-level showing in combat, are fair casters and are rather fast moving, but they cost as much as many lord choices.

We'll have to wait and see how it works out on the battlefield!


  1. Wow, beautiful. I love the colours you used and the result!

    1. Cheers, I've been a bit lax with keeping things up to date, but I hope to have fairly regular updates for the next couple of months now. I'm really excited about this army, will have to get it on a table for a group shot soon. :)