Sunday 2 July 2017

Ragnarok Escort Services

I'm still gradually adding ships to my Battlefleet and for this update I wanted to inject a bit of variety into my fleet. It turns out that thirteen of the same escort is probably overkill and I probably want some more options in the future.

I'm also finally kicking off a campaign this week so want to have plenty of ships to appeal for after my games!

A lunar class cruiser surrounded by two squadrons of escorts

First up, I needed to use up my last spare prow, a Nova Cannon, and decided to stick it on a Lunar. Dominators are reserve ships in this fleet so I really wanted another source of cannons, plus this isn't a configuration that I've built before.

I've been trying not to use nova cannons much in recent games, but I don't trust my ability to consistently pass Reload Ordnance checks early in the campaign and so want at least at least one ship that can do its thing without special orders.

Gladiator - A Lunar class cruiser with prow mounted nova cannon.

Next up is a trio of Resin Addict Firestorms.

Extra lances are always going to be welcome and they are the only other regular escort choice in an Armageddon fleet. I'm not normally particularly excited about Firestorms but, without the option to easily take Dauntlesses, they act as a means of getting lances exactly where I need them.

Firestorm Frigates - Tau Squadron - Tireless, Trespasser and Tempest

Finally, three more Resin Addict frigates, this time in Sword configuration. They've been given blue prows like my Dominator and Dominion to show that they are Reserve ships. I'm not sure how often I'll use reserve escorts, but they are nice to have.

Swords are great little ships, as I'm sure most players know and I'm always happy to have a few in my fleet.

Sword Frigates - Lambda Squadron - Lively, Lightning and Liberty

These resin escorts are really nice minis, if a little fiddly to line up properly when assembling. I'm not sure I'd get any more as I'd rarely be able to take three swords let alone more than that and I'm not super keen on massed Firestorms.

Currently being stripped of paint I have four Nicassar Dhows and a Grand Cruiser, so hopefully one of those will be up next. I've also got my hands on some battlebarge batteries so I'm thinking of making an Inquisitorial Cruiser.

Also, any suggestions for what to do with eight sets of Dauntless batteries?


  1. Looking great! I love to see Gothic stuff still being painted - it makes me feel less bad about having six unpainted fleets in blisters (I have painted two fleets though).

    1. What two fleets have you got painted so far? I'm trying to keep my own pile of unpainted ships down and it feels good to be making a dent in it. I've got a good chunk of Imperial odds and ends still to do (as well a as good chunk of Space Fleet ships) and will then, hopefully, be moving onto my Tyranids!

  2. Lovely as usual :)
    I've been lurking through the Resin Addict web, but I can only find ship prows, haven't found anything else for sale. Is there a link where I can found the frigates?

    1. Drop me an email on and I'll try and hook you up!