Thursday 23 February 2017

Operation Cowboy Part 2

My horses have been sculpted and their being cast up as we speak so I'll hopefully have them in my grubby mitts within a couple of weeks!

Needless to say I'm pretty damned excited about them, so to tide me over whilst I wait for them to arrive I asked the sculptor to send me some more pics!

I've asked for the second horse to be in a slower, walking pose to better match some of the more laid back riders and we decided to leave off saddle bags and the like as I can always add things like that in after using greenstuff or spare bits.

Once they've arrived the next bit of work to do will be to chop up the riders a bit so that they'll fit properly, which is entirely expected. I'll try and detail exactly what work is necessary in a future article. I imagine it's going to involve hacking up some joints and a lot of filling with greenstuff.

In the meantime enjoy some more pics. A few of these are still WIP ones and yes, I know bare metal on a white background doesn't work very well, but it's all I have for now!

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