Friday 2 September 2016

Interplanetary 2016 Angel's Seminar

Angel Giraldez, CB's master painter, hosted a seminar at the Interplanetary about his upcoming book - Masterclass volume 2 - and a new project called Luxumbra. Once again I set about making as many notes as I could, particularly as I was interested in what the new limited edition miniature would be...

Apologies for the low image quality, such are the issues with trying to take pictures of a projector on a sunny day and I'm still getting to grips with a new camera and image editor.

Volume 2 will be 152 pages in length and covers a wide range of material. Unlike it's predecessor this one will not be limited to a fixed number of copies and the original print run is expected to number 12,000 and should be available to order through your local stores.

The book should be out sometime in October.

Angel has taken a lot of feedback on board from the release of the first book and in many places has gone back to basics. The aim is to make the book even more useful to people of all painting abilities and to cover frequently requested topics.

In particular he covers highlighting and how light falls on different shapes and miniatures and where it leaves bright and shadowy areas. This is something that I suffer with in particular so I'll find it very interesting.

There are also more graphic examples, a particularly requested feature, and many have black and white versions as well which make it easier to see the effect of light sources.

Coupled with this, he also writes about some basic colour theory.

This seems to include colour matching as well as highlighting and shading with combinations of colours.

The book also covers some bristle brush painting techniques (hurrah!) including some handling advice and tips on painting guns and swords among other things.

Of course much of the book is still dedicated to painting with an airbrush. Angel recommends the Infinity CR Plus airbrush which is definitely considered to be expensive but is a quality product and is very reliable.

We are shown the breakdown of an airbrush and then the book goes on to discuss various airbrush techniques as well as proper handling.

A number of aibrushing techniques are covered with full illustrations.

These include lighting spots, masking and how to carefully airbrush only small parts of miniatures - e.g. guns and swords.

Painting non-metallic metals is also covered quite thoroughly including colour recipes for gold, silver and I believe a bronze colour.

It's definitely an amazing looking effect and something that I'm looking forward to trying.

Then we move onto weathering techniques to give the appearance of wear and tear, rust or battle damage. Again there are colour suggestions for the different effects.

The majority of the pages we were then shown were regarding the painting of the individual factions. Again, sorry for the image quality but the pages don't translate well onto a distant projector!

Among other things this covers the painting of USAriadna, Red Veil and the Maghariba Guard. The recent 'starter' releases were deliberately used as examples to help out those who are newest to the game or are starting a brand new faction.

It also has more specific techniques such as the painting of the Caledonian tartan and the shaved chest of the Samaritan.

In the days after the seminar we also received confirmation of the limited edition miniature for the artbook - a sweet looking Crane Agent.

This is another fairly niche release, much like Joan was, but it should go nicely with Red Veil.

Then we come to the second part of the seminar.

There's also a new project underway called Luxumbra which is a collaboration between Fausto Gutierrez as sculptor and Angel Giraldez as painter.

The project started in March during a fortuitous car journey and has proceeded rapidly since!

The first sculpt is this magnificent helmet-less Mobile Brigada bust which is due to be released sometime in Q1 2017

Eventually they hope to release other miniatures and art pieces, not just busts. I know I'll be following this project with keen interest!

There wasn't an awful lot more info about Luxumbra at the seminar, so just enjoy these extra pictures of the Brigada taken from Angel's Facebook page (as his are far better than mine!).


  1. Great article I watched it on youtube too, nice to see what will be in book but I am not impressed with burst it is very small only 4cm? did they say what will be released next from umbra?

    1. I'd jotted down 40mm for the bust too, but wasn't certain enough to put it in the article. I think there was some confusion during the seminar about the measurement so maybe something was lost in translation.

      No word on what is coming up next, other than it's not all going to be busts.