Tuesday 12 April 2016

Story League: Episode 3!

Welcome back once again to the Infinity Story League! Sorry this is a bit overdue but holidays, exams and tournaments have conspired against me.

Following the events of the last episode Snowfall has been killed by state-sponsored assassins although Amelia managed to survive the vicious combat. A minor victory for the attackers.

It was a brutal, if brief, battle. The close quarters fighting lasted only a couple of minutes until further security forces arrived but by then the damage had been done. Snowfall was dead and many of his security forces were injured or worse. Of their assailants there was no trace, bodies having been spirited away by state-sponsored conspirators.

What was not common knowledge however is that during his time at the embassy Snowfall had been implanted with a cube, a device which can be used to reconstruct someone's personality and memories even after death, and this had been recovered.

Amelia and Snowfall's cube, with all the vital information it contained, were hurriedly evacuated to New Shanghai space-port where they were put on an undocumented cargo ship heading out of system along with a substantial security detail.

Mission 03 - Interdiction

Choose one player to be the Attacker and one to be the Defender. Lists should be written with these roles in mind.

Attacker Briefing:

You have been called here today to take part in a highly covert mission. There is no more hiding our attempts after today so success in this matter is of utmost importance. We have received intelligence that a cube previously implanted in the hacker known as Snowfall is currently being evacuated from the system. The information that is contained within it cannot be allowed to leave our grasp.

Our forces will be using a gunship disguised as a Customs vessel as a cover to approach the PanOceanian shuttle. We'll be jamming their outbound communications but direct gunfire would be too noticeable, so once in strike range boarding parties will be deployed onto the shuttle instead.

Destroy the ship's generators and disable their distress beacon. Once the ship is left drifting it will be rigged with explosives and it's destruction made to look like a dreadful accident.

Attacker Forces:
300 points, chosen as normal. All attackers are equipped with D-Charges, if they don't already have them, in addition to their normal equipment.

Attacker Deployment:
The Attacker may not use any level of the Airborne Deployment, Impersonation, Infiltration or Mechanised Deployment skills to deploy outside of their Deployment Zone. Instead they use the rules below:
  1. During their deployment the Attacker must place two Wide Gate markers (55mm wide) along the sides of the table and outside either player's Deployment Zone.
  2. Attacking models with any level of Airborne Deployment may deploy in base contact with one of the Wide Gate markers.
  3. Attacking models with Impersonation, Infiltration or Mechanised Deployment may deploy within 6" of either of the Wide Gate markers without needing to make any rolls. Inferior Infiltrators will need to roll as if they were deploying in the opponent's half of the battlefield.
Note that AI Beacons are unaffected and deploy exactly as they would do otherwise.

Defender Briefing:

"Everybody crewing the PTN Conveyor is on edge. A number of ships were launched at similar times to try and mask our escape and each was fitted with falsified records and anonymous transponders to further obfuscate which was carrying this vital cargo. Hell, I don't even know what's so 'vital' about it anyway, just the memories of some Japanese dissident.

Still, there's nothing to do now but sit-tight and wait out the rest of the journey. There have been a few routine stop-and-searches of other spacecraft leaving the system lately but no trouble so hopefully we'll slip through just as easily. Maybe they don't  even know what we're carrying."

"Captain, we've been contacted by a Yu Jing Customs vessel. They are scanning our cargo and requesting access to the ship."

"Stay calm, they'll be done in a few minutes and we'll be on our way..."

Defender Forces:
300 points, chosen as normal.

Defender Deployment:
The Defender cannot make use of the Airborne Deployment skill as they are already stuck inside the ship!

Table Set-up and Rules:

The Attackers and Defenders use standard Deployment Zones. It is not permitted for either player to deploy in base contact with any of the Consoles, Generators or Distress Beacon.

The following scenery elements and objectives should be placed:
  • An Objective Room (doors open) centred on the table at an angle (as below)
  • A Distress Beacon (yellow) in the middle of the table.
  • Two Consoles (green) on the centreline and 12" in from each side of the table.
  • Two Generators (purple) 16" in from the middle of each player's Deployment Zone

Layout for Episode 03 - Interdiction

Game Duration:
This scenario has a limited time frame, so it will automatically finish at the end of the third Game Round.

Special Rules:
The Retreat! rules are not enforced during the game.

Consoles (Green):
To Control a Console it is necessary that a Troop be in base contact with the Console, spend one Short Skill and succeed at a Normal WIP Roll. If the roll is failed then it can be repeated as many times as necessary, each time spending the corresponding Short Skill and making the roll.

A Controlled Console can be Controlled again by another player applying the same procedure. In such a situation, the Console is no longer considered as Controlled by the adversary.
The Consoles have different bonuses for the Attacker than for the Defender when controlled.

Bonuses for Defender:
  • One Console: The Distress Beacon can now be activated.
  • Both Consoles: The Distress Beacon can now be activated with only a -3 MOD.

Bonuses for Attacker:
  • One Console: The Generators can now be damaged.
  • Both Consoles: The Generators' ARM value is reduced to 6.

Distress Beacon (Yellow):
The Distress Beacon can be activated by any Defender as a Long Skill by passing a WIP-9 roll while in base to base contact as long as at least one Console is activated.

Generators (Purple):
The Generators are heavily armoured and are considered to be scenery structures with the following profiles. Generators can only be damaged by weapons with the Anti-Materiel trait as well as those with Fire or Mono-filament ammunition. They cannot be damaged at all however until the Attacker controls at least one Console.

Scenery profile for Generators.

When a Generator is destroyed it Explodes. Place a Circular Template centred on the Generator base indicating the Area of Effect of the explosion. Everyone within the Area of Effect suffers a Damage 13 hit with Shock Special Ammunition.

Artificial Gravity - Special Terrain Rules
Due to the low levels of artificial gravity on the ship the entire table is considered to be Difficult Zero-G terrain.

At the start of each game round if either of the Generators have been destroyed then the entire table is considered to be Very Difficult Zero-G terrain for the rest of the game.

Space Combat - Hostile Environment Rules
Each time a trooper rolls a natural 20 due to an Order declaration or ARO (It is not applied to Guts Rolls or ARM rolls, for example) then that figure must make a BTS save against damage 12.

Victory Conditions

Attacker Major Victory - Both the Generators were destroyed and the Distress Beacon was not activated.

Attacker Minor Victory - Both the Generators were destroyed.

Defender Minor Victory - Either or both of the Generators were not destroyed.

Defender Major Victory - Either of the Generators were not destroyed and the Distress Beacon was activated.

Contact Details

If you have any results, questions, concerns or feedback then contact me by replying to this post, via email (LeadRisingBlog@gmail.com) or sending a message through the Infinity in Bristol and Bath Facebook page.

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