Sunday 17 May 2015

Pretty in Pink

In my last post, about Chaos Hounds, I mentioned that I had a Marauder Beast Handler next in line on my painting table, and I actually got him done fairly quickly.

I also took the opportunity to try out some Vallejo Metal Medium as I'd never used it before and really wanted to play with various strange metallic colours if I moved towards doing Tzeentch and Slaanesh warbands for both Fantasy and Rogue Trader.

So this is my first attempt. I have to admit that after I'd put on the first coat of pink I picked up the model, giggled in an entirely un-manly way, and ran over to show Emma what it looked like. I may have even exclaimed that 'he looked as pretty as a princess'!

"He looks expensive." - Emma

The model was really easy to paint, lots of nice textures and chunky details. The only downside was a mould line running down the inside of the whip which couldn't be removed without damaging some detail. Fortunately it's not very noticeable.

For the armour the Metal Medium was mixed 50/50 with Vallejo Violet Red and the silver parts were the classic Citadel Mithril Silver. I used Citadel Vermin Brown for the gloves, belt and other leather detailing as I wanted the model to be overall much brighter and cleaner than my usual painting style.

The wolf pelt was done with Citadel Space Wolves Grey, Bleached Bone and Chaos Black in various quantities  with a single layer of drybrush afterwards. I wanted to keep it consistent with the wolves already in my army and it seems a fairly good recipe for a believable set of colours.

My biggest regret with the model is the gemstones on the 'skirt'. I should have done them, or the skirt itself, in a really contrasting colour and made them a real feature of the model. As it is they just kind of blend in so I certainly see it as a missed opportunity.

I have no idea what the scabbard detailing was meant to look like. So I decided on the weirdest option - a spine.

One nice part that really stood out for me was the bone handle for the whip, it just had a really realistic shape to it and took highlighting very well. The tongue coming out of the skull is a great touch too. I'm also really pleased with the skin and bone effect of the whip and I think I captured the idea of it being made up of bits of humans or other animals. Super creepy!

I've also carried on using the blue from the leggings as a tertiary colour as a way of unifying the next stage of my army. I'm keen to start painting some blocks of humans in blue/white heraldry, like my Cawdor, as the colour combo looks really striking on the table.

I'm a little torn with what to paint next. I've got a regiment of pygmies half finished that really need to get done soon and I've recently started playing Battlefleet Gothic at my local club so I ought to get a fleet painted as well. But I did just have a whole load of Dark Elves fall into my lap the other week... hmm...

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