Thursday 19 February 2015

Icestorm Nomads Done!

Well, it's been a long... err... several months but my Operation: Icestorm Nomads are finally complete. They've been out for their first few demo games now and have performed admirably against their PanOceania counterparts.

There's not going to be too much blurb today, just lots of pics of painted models!

I thought they'd never be finished!

First up is the Reverend Healer herself. She is the 'bonus' model in Operation Icestorm that won't come in the normal Nomad starter box - although expect a 'normal' release at some point. I really like the sculpt with the long, flowing hair and the confidant striding pose.

I have to confess though that she doesn't actually seem to end up doing much healing in most games, although she has proved herself to be a very good shot. She's clearing better at making small bullet holes than she is at patching them up.

Reverend Healer: Professional hole-smith

I'm pretty stoked about the Spektr. I wanted to do something with him to show his camouflage ability at work, so I painted his legs and one arm in the same brown tones as the base. Some bands of blue highlighted all the way up to white mark out the camouflage effect turning on or off.

I've seen this effect pulled off on other models but generally there has been a starker contrast between the camouflaged and normal areas. I do still really like the idea of it even if the execution isn't ideal.

If the knife looks a little bit off (and chunky) it's because it is! The original piece of metal is a little on the flimsy side so I made the decision to replace it with a plastic one for extra durability.

Spektr: Ironically not much good in a punch-up

Not much to say about the Grenzer really, other than I'm not sure why he has an 'e' in his name and the Spektr doesn't.

He's probably my least favourite model in Icestorm, but he does the job okay. I'm generally not fond of models with random cloaks as they just generally seem unnecessary and impractical - especially in this case where it seems to just appear out of his lower back. I could see the point if it granted him camouflage or something. Maybe it's something for him to sit on while waiting for his target so his armour doesn't get dirty instead?

I do like the fact that he's got two pistol holsters though (one on each side). The idea of him just dropping the rifle and whipping out a couple of pistols - held sideways for maximum gangsta' points - is just too awesome.

Grenzer: Catwalk cloak model

Last up is the Heavy Infantry - the Mobile Brigada. He's pretty hard to photograph due to his awkwardly outstretched gun but I've done my best.

The hexagon pattern on the gaps in his armour is absolutely gorgeous and just needed a gentle wash to pick out all the details. No highlighting required!

Note that he's meant to have aerials on the side of the head, but these were left off as I expect these models to be manhandled during demo games at clubs, stores and conventions. The gaps where they should be was filled in with some greenstuff and I'm pleased to say that it doesn't really look like anything is missing.

I really like the red/yellow/grey split on this model.

Mobile Brigada: He's smiling under that helmet. :)

So that's the last of my demo armies finished. Time to get back to re-basing my Fantasy army, adding on more Necromunda Gangers, painting up some Chaos Hounds, updating my Haqqislam and starting on that sodding baggage train that I promised myself last year.

Busy, busy!

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