Thursday 26 June 2014

Useful Wargaming Resources

No update last week as I've just come back from a (much needed) holiday in Berlin. You've got to say one thing for the Germans, they've got memorials down a tee. Learning about so much WWII and Cold War history was certainly an eye opening experience and certainly one that I'd recommend, especially if you are interested in wargaming that period of history.

This weekend I'm off to an Infinity tournament in Exeter, so there has not been much time for painting lately either, but lots of frantic gluing instead. So this is just going to be a quick post inspired by some of the most helpful things I've found recently whilst wargaming. Hopefully you'll find them useful too!

Fairy Power Spray

All hail our saviour of models!

Do you have paint on your models? Do you wish that paint wasn't on your models? Fairy Power Spray is the answer you've been looking for. It's becoming harder to find now, but larger Sainsbury's in the UK still have it and I recommend stocking up just in case it gets discontinued. I know that since I've been introduced to the Oldhammer movement I've been buying up miniatures that have arrived in a rather rough state and it has been invaluable.


Simply put your models in a fairly airtight container (or a zip-lock bag), spray on some of this miraculous liquid and leave for a night or two, then scrub off the paint with a toothbrush. Fur effect, especially when it is quite deep as on older models, is the hardest thing to clean off because the paint tends to get stuck in hard to remove places. Occasionally you'll need to do a second pass of soaking and scrubbing.


These wolves were left for a while and scrubbed clean in a single attempt, it took about two minutes per model. Some small amounts of paint were left in the deepest recesses though which you may be able to see, but otherwise they are gleaming. Another benefit is that the stuff doesn't harm plastic at all - no matter how long you leave it soaking for. A short soak certainly doesn't damage superglue either like acetone does.

It also cleans ovens pretty well, so I'm told.

Laser Level

For all your Line of Sight problems

Want to check that arc of fire, not sure if you can quite make a charge or if that building is blocking line of sight for you? This little beauty is a huge time-saver. Also, it's called the 'Laser Fox', what's not to love?

Better than just a red dot!

This was initially picked up at the recommendation of a friend and is made by the German company Laserfuchs. They are also purchasable through eBay. The initial use was for the X-Wing miniatures game as it allows you to perfectly judge arcs of fire but it has seen a lot of use in all games that utilise True Line of Sight rules.

A word of warning however, the one I received was slightly temperamental. You occasionally need to give it a bit of a whack to get it going. I did however receive a full refund from the company (and was able to keep the item) and this is the only case I'm aware of where one of these is faulty.

Poundland garden lights

One pound!

So there I was, strolling through my local Poundland when what did I lay my eyes upon? Solar powered lights that just happen to look like little shrines or kiosks. Only £1 each. Why yes, I think I will!

They are also the perfect size for 28mm models, the 'roof' section fits comfortably above their heads and it is easily wide enough to shelter a couple of models behind, also the handle is easily detachable.

Did I mention that they light up too? That's a lot of tech for your pound.

Just dropping in for some snacks.

I know that these are in stores right now but they tend to disappear again after summer. So buy them quick if you are interested. I haven't tried painting them yet, but the frosted 'glass' effect is removable so it should be easy to spray or airbrush.

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