Thursday 22 October 2015

BFG - Converted Vengeance Class

My current conversion project is finally done (pending basing and a bit of tidying up) and I couldn't wait to share it.

A few months ago I converted up an Exorcist Class grand cruiser and got a lot of helpful advice from the Battlefleet Gothic community. The clearest bit of feedback was that people were not keen on the chunky Imperial prow on the ship, so with my latest build I tried to find a way around that.

This version is meant to represent a slightly earlier design of grand cruiser again, without even having the first vestiges of the frontal armour. The colour scheme is slightly cleaner and brighter to show that it has been mothballed for a long time and finally given a new coat of paint and pressed into service.

The re-commissioned Vengeance Class grand cruiser Tempest with Diligence in the background.

With this ship the Chaos cruiser hull is mounted slightly further forward so that I could retain the underside of the Chaos prow. Combined with the slimmer weapon batteries compared to launch bays  this has ended up giving the ship a sleeker look. It was somewhat unintentional but seems quite appropriate for a gunship as opposed to a carrier.

Top view showing the annoyingly tight 'lattice' of the Chaos hull.
In order to 'cap off' the Imperial hull I used an Imperial bridge which was heavily cut down to fit. I really wanted to make use of as many BFG bits as possible to reduce waste

Armed and dangerous.

Overall I'm really happy with the build and I hope to make a second one because, frankly, pairing up two of these ships seems like a brutal combination. I've even got the sacrificial vessels picked out.

Alternatively, I could make up an Avenger instead? Decisions, decisions.

Temptest (grand) cruising into action.

Please do let me know what you think!


  1. Wow, those are beautiful! The conversion work is superb, and I love the way you painted these. Amazing job!

    1. Thank you for the kind comment. :)

      I'm going to have at least one more in the works, although I'm really torn between an Avenger or a second Vengeance!