Friday 29 May 2015

Carrier has Arrived

I've been busy working on the reinforcements for my Imperial fleet - Battlefleet Valkyrie. Last time I asked which way I should expand the fleet and the Exorcist & Dictator option won handily which I was pleased with as the lure of all those launch bays was very tempting.

Now the tricky part was that I didn't have an actual model for an Exorcist and didn't fancy buying one - they aren't cheap and I should probably focus on painting what I already have anyway.

What I did have were some rather abused plastic cruisers that I'd picked up as part of other trades... If only there was a way to convert them into something I could use as a grand cruiser...

Two new Capital Ships - The cruiser Ranger (Dictator) and grand cruiser Diligence (Exorcist).

I followed this guide posted by SpecialistArms forum-goer Baycee and busily set about hacking apart a pair of cruisers. Making the first couple of cuts was pretty daunting but soon there was no turning back.

There aren't any work in progress pics as Baycee has it pretty well covered, but do note the section of the underside of the Chaos cruiser hull at the back that you need to remove to make the fit work. It's not explicitly pointed out and, as I was working from tiny pics on my mobile, it had me confused for quite a while

Also I don't want you guys to see my incredibly shoddy greenstuff work. I mean really, it was awful.

Unfortunately the fore antenna snapped when I dropped her while painting. It will need some drilling to replace. :(

Diligence looks a little funny from the side view, but I think that's mostly because the the Chaos hull tapers and the Imperial one doesn't. I think she looks pretty grand (pun intended) from above though and I'm looking forward to taking her out for her first battle soon.

So now my fleet is sitting at a comfortable 1,500 points. It has a good mixture of weapons, plenty of launch bays and a couple of good flagship options. So the question is where do I go from here?

I've got various options available that I'm considering for the next 500 points such as another pair of cruisers, a Rogue Trader cruiser and its escorts or an Emperor Class battleship among others. What do you think I should do?

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