Monday 26 October 2015

BFG and Necromunda Update

I've had all kinds of odds and ends cross my painting table lately. This always tends to be the case once an army or faction reaches a certain size and I begin adding the more esoteric elements in order to add some variety.

The main addition was a set of miniatures from Brigade Models that I picked up at Blast-tastic! earlier this month. Yes, I managed to assemble and paint a set of models within a month of buying them. Impressive I know.

Anti-shipping missile defence system.

I also picked up some assorted small cars and trucks from 4DModelShop in London. They seem to specialise in architectural models and have a huge variety of materials, scenics and miniatures in a wide array of sizes.

The missile launchers are from Brigade's 15mm EuroFed range and the small military vehicles are their 6mm Neo Soviets. They were super easy to paint up with just a spray of Army Painter Army Green over a black undercoat, then a brown wash and drybrush.

I added the small cars to the bases as it really makes the missile launchers seem huge in comparison. If these are expected to shoot down BFG ships then they have to be big!

Missile 'Silos'

I also purchased some 6mm artillery, again Neo Soviets as I wanted to keep the look consistent, to use as the ground-based 'Lances'. They are mounted three to a base to make it clear that they have three points of Firepower. As with the missiles, they are mounted on 55mm bases.

Originally I had planned to do this project using Epic 40,000 miniatures such as Basilisks, Deathstrike Missiles, Manticores and so on. However, the prices for Epic are so inflated now, and miniatures sufficiently hard to acquire that I couldn't bring myself to invest in the originals. Still, I think these really look the part.

Defence Laser 'Silos'

The landing pads are single piece resin buildings and again part of Brigade's 6mm range. They are nicely textured and took drybrushing very well. One thing that they are missing though is aircraft as all the models I have are far too big! If you have any suggestions for small craft then please do let me know.

I added the hazard stripes at the last minute as they looked too plain otherwise, although it wasn't until I finished that I realised one of them had a stripe too many. Also none of them are at exactly the same angle. I suck at this sort of stuff really.

Air Bases

I've also painted up the first of my Spacefleet vessels - a Tyrant Battleship. It's good and colourful as it will be representing a commercial heavy transport rather than a military vessel (such as the Siluria Light Cruiser). Heavy transports are invaluable in Battlefleet Gothic as they are substantially sturdier than their smaller counterparts due to counting as capital ships.

I've got to say that I'm actually quite taken with the model. I like the look of this city of spires and domes surrounded by the segmented armour plates of the tail and prow. It's also the first time I've experimented with little 'dot' lights across the ship, but I think it looks quite nice.

The heavy transport Adept Wayfarer

Lastly for today is a Necromunda Juve who, continuing the trend from last year, was a very thoughtful birthday present from my girlfriend. I knew I left up that wishlist for a reason!

I've gone back to practising chequered patterns on cloth, this time tackling the bottom of his tabard with all its heavy creases and I am quite pleased with it. As with the rest of the Cawdor range he was really fun to paint and he'll make a fine addition to gang.

The latest Cawdor recruit - Mercer

Well that's my lot for now. Back to painting!

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