Sunday 31 August 2014

Infinity: Covert Action

I really love playing Infinity and reckon that the core rules make for excellent cinematic game play. But I also think there is so much more that could be done with the system beyond just straight up fights.

So I introduce to you Infinity: Covert Action.

I:CA is a new way of playing Infinity, pitting an elite squad of specialists against the might of military or corporate security in randomised, asymmetric scenarios.

The game can be played by two to six players, with one player in charge of the defensive forces (and nominally acting as the Games Master) and each other player controlling one or more attacking models, up to a maximum of five.

Be aware that this is a super early version of the rules and is designed with what we currently know of N3 in mind so is liable to change once the new edition is fully released. It's probably (definitely) full of bugs, typos, loopholes, inconsistencies and imbalances. It's currently undergoing play testing but it's proving promising so far so I hope you'll enjoy it.

Also, yes, there are a fair amount of rules, however the vast majority of special rules, equipment and profiles in Infinity aren't being used, which keeps the complexity fairly low.

Download everything you need to play here: Infinity: Covert Action on Google Drive

It all started on what seemed like a quiet night.

There are a few more pictures after the jump.

Guards followed their patrol routes around the compound.

The defending forces all start off camouflaged and walking along their set routes in a rather predictable fashion

Until suddenly the VIP was attacked, but a security camera saw it all!

The Spektr and Scout infiltrators managed to get all the way around the outside of the compound silently and were going to get away scot free, but botched their assassination attempt on the VIP (Sophotect)!

Short range gunfights erupted as more defenders flooded the area. The Attacks barely escaped.

Guards started flooding the scene and the Scout was eventually gunned down, but the Spektr managed to shoot his way free and made a break for the extraction zone.


  1. That looks cool. From the one brief look at Infinity we took last weekend I can see this working really well. Is it a variant of your own devising? Cinematic is definitely where I'm aiming to go with Factious Waste so it'd be good to see how you've encouraged filmographic gameplay!

    1. Thanks, I'm pretty excited to play it more. It's a completely homebrew mod that I've been piecing together over the last few weeks. It would be great if you could help me test it sometime, I'd really appreciate more input.

      Also, link/email me your Factious Waste rules. :)