Sunday 7 September 2014

Pigfinity 2014

It was a super busy bank holiday weekend for me. First I had a (not quite) 24 hour gaming session at the Bristol Vanguard club raising money as part of Wargamers All Against Cancer. Thankfully I cut my night short and headed off at about 2am (after six hours of losing at Twilight Imperium) because I was going to be TO'ing my first ever tournament!

This is going to be very picture heavy!

The first of many, I hope.

The venue for this prestigious event was Pigmar, which hold their events at a social club in Bath. We had a nice hall to play in, drinks on tap and a good load of scenery to fill up our four tables. What more could you ask for?

The aim was to have a fair bit of variation between the tables at the event, some would be flatter or more open than others, there would be a few good sniper positions and some sides would be better for gaining objectives. Here are the tables that were set up for rounds 1 (Seize the Antenna) and 2 (Supplies). The tables were rearranged fr game 3 (Quadrant Control) so that nobody would be playing on the same layout twice.

Table 1: Temporary Ariadnan army camp

Table 2: The slums

Table 4: An archaeological expedition site

Table 3: A war torn dockyard.

They are out of order because I wanted to talk about Table 3 a bit. It turned out to be a bit too open and had a whopping great big firelane right down the middle. In the first game, the light grey building on the near table edge was used as a very efficient firebase that proved difficult to dislodge. I don't think the issue was insurmountable however as the position could be flanked, but I probably should have been a bit more careful.

After round 2 I changed it about a lot, creating a much denser board with more tall scenery elements.

Table 3: All moved about!

Whilst there wasn't a painting competition, or any kind of bonus for bringing painted models, it was great to see people showing up with some pretty minis.

A Chimera hangs out with her Pupniks and an Intruder

The aforementioned tower of death!

An Alguacil in full camouflage

Craig's Haqqislam - just out of sight is a camouflaged Chasseur, uh-oh!

We have a 'Classic' tournament pack including limited edition model as the prize pool.

The final standings and round-by-round score. Last two columns are point killed and points lost.

The (rather smug looking) champion - Adam! Congratulations. :)

So thank you to Adam, Darren, Stuart, Jez, Chris, Jack, Lee and Craig for participating and for largely being self policing. I'm happy to say that I was hardly actually needed - except for when Jez's scoring spreadsheet had a bit of a meltdown. This let me get on with the important task of trying not to doze off.

Hopefully this will be the start of a long string of events at Pigmar. :)

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