Wednesday 6 August 2014

The Clash at the Crags - Part Three

The Wolves skulked back onto the battlefield with heads down and tails between their legs. They made their way, many of them limping with blood staining their matted fur, back to where they were routed and their pack leader lay dead, his head caved in by a mighty blow from Fergus’ human champion. They howled mournfully over the lifeless body.

As the howling began to reach a climax the old, dead wolf started to twitch and writhe. There were loud cracks as its bones began to snap and reform themselves. Its muscles and sinews began unwinding and reshaping, mass being added by some diabolic power. Its caved skull mended, spines and bony plates sprouted from its back and sickle-like growths sprouted from newly formed tails. The wolf-thing rose shakily up on all fours, now much bigger than its companions, and released a gut-wrenching bellow loud enough to panic the Skaven who were busy looting the dead nearby. Gorehowl had risen.

The Big Red Monster

The end result was two rewards to Dorrin and none to Fergus, so I have to say that the battle turned out pretty well for me. I had a scattering of minor injuries but only one of the Skaven actually succumbed to his wounds.

Dorrin earned two rolls on the Chaos Rewards table and was noticed by Khorne himself. He received the Degeneration property on his Chaos Weapon as he now has a bigger chunk of Ripfondler’s soul trapped inside his axe, a Collar of Khorne and a Fleshhound for his troubles.

With the second roll he nabbed himself a pack of Chaos Hounds – or in his case some half-daemon wolves. Normally he would receive eight of them, but I only have six models so that’s what I’ll take. Good results overall.

Gorehowl prefers having pictures taken from his good side.

I then rolled up my follower's rewards, granting one each to Melondil and Hermann. Melondil sprouted feathers, presumably as some jest about him being a worthless coward who apparently is incapable of actually harming anyone, but they quickly got melted off by all the acid pouring from his skin. Next, Hermann’s head swelled up which I can only imagine is some kind of reaction to tearing a daemonette limb-from-limb with only his teeth. Neither of these mutations affects them in battle however.

Lastly I rolled on the follower table to expand the retinue and got... four goblins. Well, at least I've got some ranged troops in the army now I guess. This is the first time I've ever painted greenskins, which is shocking I know, so I went with a traditional goblin green for the skin and I'm not unhappy with how they turned out.

The new recruits

Fergus didn't come out of it quite so well, losing 2 Fianna, 2 Shearl and a Human warrior as well as personally suffering an eye injury. Fortunately Fimir have evolved to have extremely tough eyes! He’s got to stage a comeback sometime soon though and it looks like he’ll be turning to daemonic magic and Slaaneshi rituals in the near future to do so. This feud won't be over until either Dorrin or Fergus are dead and buried I think.

So everything is, much to my own surprise, ready and painted for Bring Out Your Lead ’14 where hopefully fortune will continue to favour the forces of Khorne. See you there!

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