Wednesday 7 May 2014

TBoaC - Part 3 - Beastman Unit Complete!

I have to say, I'm quite enjoying Realms of Chaos and this whole 'small units' thing, it makes me feel like I'm actually making progress. That is a novelty for sure!

Here's a shot of the whole Scab Moon Clan as it stands - apologies for it still being a bit blurry in places, I'm still working on my photo skills:

The Scab Moon Clan

Beastmen will make a fanastic bodyguard unit for Dorrin, even though they aren't very strong offensively they can take a lot of punishment and will be able to safely deliver him into combat. I'm planning on having the front rank with shields to help absorb missile fire whilst the second rank will have bows, spears and multiple hand weapons for once they've got stuck in!

Goatis and Goodog
When I started painting these two up, I was concerned that the sculpts would be too similar - but actually I think they've come out alright. They look like they ought to be brothers in arms, maybe having fought many battles together - true veterans and perfect for my front rank. I'm not certain if I'll continue using flesh tones for human arms on these kinds of models, I may start painting them to try and match the fur colours instead.

The crocodile-man (with goat legs) served as a saurus hero in my Lizardman army for many a year as a child (I was the child, not the croc-man). He was painted with thick green paint and I'd never noticed that he had rather mammalian pins. It was only when perusing the beastman sculpts on Stuff of Legends that I recognised him and dug him out of the box he'd been living in for the past few years! I've got to say, I quite like him still and I'm glad that I've been able to give the model a well deserved repaint. Also the eye on the armour is super creepy.

I'm not sure what this fella is meant to be, so I tried out another inhuman skin tone. My initial attempt with a turquoise colour failed miserably but thankfully no pictures exist. I like the fact that he's tightly gripping his spear, holding it close to his body - he doesn't look like a brave fighter who wants to get stuck in - perhaps he's a bit more cowardly? He's also the only model in the unit not sporting some nice red clothing. Maybe he got swept up in all the excitement of battle and is now feeling overwhelmed, or he's actually an imposter and a spy that is worried about being found out or possibly he's just been ostracised from his human community and has recently fled to the wild forests?

She isn't in my warband - but I couldn't resist painting her!
My primary goal is to have the remaining warband done in time for the UK Games Expo in order to have a game with Fimm McCool and his Fimir. If any of you (by you, I mean my two readers) will be at the Expo then give me a shout and let's have a drink and a game.

In the long term, I plan on expanding the retinue as dictated by the Realms of Chaos book as Dorrin's fortunes rise and fall and eventually paint up enough for what might count as a small army for the Oldhammer Day 2014.


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