Monday 23 May 2016

Infinity - Limited Edition Models

There's one aspect of Infinity that has always struck me as poorly documented and that is the limited edition miniatures that were released over the last five years or so.

I've seen many discussions about them and read lots of requests for information but I've yet to see anyone attempt to catalogue all those that have been available. So I'm going to step in and try and set things straight! Frankly, I'm a sucker for this kind of thing so it's definitely my forte - I just can't help buying into whatever rare toys are made available!

The Limited Edition miniatures can be broken down into four broad categories; tournament rewards, pre-order bonuses, celebrations and 'others'.

Please note that this does not include anything from the general Bootleg range (such as Penthesilea), out of production/unreleased miniatures or the starter-pack exclusives, but do let me know if you think I've missed any!

(Left to Right): CSU, Maverick, Joan, Gogo, Bounty Hunter

Tournament Pack Rewards

Miniatures in this category were all included in the Classic Tournament Packs available directly from Corvus Belli and generally only given out to winners of ITS tournaments. They replaced the glass trophies that were previously used for first place prizes.

Models in this category have so far each had a regular release the following year with different arms, so don't be too upset if you miss out!

Max Skorpio (2013 Winner's Prize)

Despite being a named character Max Skorpio never had his own set of rules and, as such, he just ends up being used as a regular bounty hunter.

He carries a Nomad Heavy Machine Gun (although apparently some of the prize packs came with the Nomad Combi Rifle arms instead), so he could certainly do with a rules update as currently Bounty Hunters can't be armed with one. I live in hope that this will be rectified one day!

All Max Skorpio miniatures came with a random Micro Arts Studio 'Urban Fight' base.

General Release Version: Generic Bounty Hunter with a masked face and Nomad Combi Rifle.

Bounty Hunter Sniper (2014 Winner's Prize)

The bounty hunter sniper was not a named character and so doesn't have her own rules. She also came with a random Micro Arts Studio 'urban fight' base just like Max Skorpio.

She is armed with a Nomad MULTI Sniper Rifle.

General Release Version: Riding an Aleph bike with an alternate leg and armed with a PanOceanic Boarding Shotgun.

Le Muet (2015 Winner's Prize)

Le Muet was the first tournament pack model to have his own set of particular rules and will work for all the vanilla factions. He's quite a powerful character and so is fairly sought after.

In 2015 the MAS resin base was replaced with an exclusive winner's patch. Some Le Muet packs also came with a special base top from Customeeple which is still available individually from their webstore.

Le Muet base top - Image from Customeeple

General Release Version: Armed with a PanOceanic MULTI Sniper Rifle

Krakot Renegade (2016 Winner's Prize)

The Krakot Renegade is the tournament pack model that will be available for the least amount of time due to the short 2016 season (beginning in February and ending in August). However, it may end up being more common than Max Skorpio or the Sniper as tournaments are much more common than they were a couple of years ago.

The Krakot is the second tournament pack model to have its own and rules and, unusually, has an AVA of 2 or more in all the vanilla factions and so is fairly sought after. There isn't a regular release available yet, but it is expected in 2017.

General Release Version: Armed with two Submachine Guns.

Joe 'Scarface' Turner (Season 8 Winner's Prize)

ITS Season 8 is a bit unusual. Not only is it the first to run from one Interplanetary to the next rather than across a calendar year but it also gives almost every faction access to Scarface and Cordelia. Not only that, but there have been rumours floating around that TAG pilots are going to become a lot more impactful as part of the next major rules release.

Scarface is always a popular character, although the value of this model is going to depend very heavily on whether his services remain available for hire by the majority of factions once ITS Season 8 has ended.

General Release Version: Non-existent, although there is a Bootleg version which also involves him beating the snot out of some poor Combined Army dude.

Pre-Order Bonuses

Ever since Campaign: Paradiso, there has been a freebie miniature given away as a pre-order bonus for buying books and army boxes.

So far these have all been completely unique to their book and there have not been any alternate releases for any of them, so make sure to grab them when you can!

Gogo Marlene (Campaign Paradiso 2012)

Gogo Marlene (a stage-name, presumably?) was the first civilian (and first pre-order!) model released and was made available with Campaign Paradiso. Unfortunately her little robot doesn't have any of its own rules.

She is commonly fielded as a WarCorrespondant or HVT.

Miranda Ashcroft (Artbook 1 2013)

Miranda came with the first (and to date, only) concept art book released for Infinity and has her own unique set of rules.

She is armed with a deadly monofilament sword and is a dangerous fighter, but is rarely fielded despite being available to many factions due to being Irregular.

Corporate Security Unit (Operation: Icestorm 2014)

The CSU came out with early purchases of Operation: Icestorm and has a unique, if seldom used, profile in the rulebook. It's hypothesised that she represents the civvie model that is available in the Haqqislam/PanOceania Dire Foes box.

Bounty Hunter N3 (N3 book 2014)

The Bounty Hunter which came with the 3rd edition rulebook represents a Booty roll of 'heavy armour' (+4 ARM).

He carries a PanOceanic Boarding Shotgun.

Bounty Hunter N3 (N3 book 2014) - Alternate Version

At some point the mould was re-done for this model as there are two versions available, one with the left arm attached and one without.

Joan of Arc (Angel's painting book 2015)

Joan was released when Corvus Belli decided to create a new model to promote Angel's first painting book but this technically isn't a pre-order bonus as one came with every copy of the book. The original print run had 5,500 copies, but it's unclear how many were made for the second printing.

Due to her rather niche use (she's one of the few faction-specific limited models) and fairly widespread availability she's not particularly sought after.

Dismounted Maverick Girl (USAriadna 2015)

The dismounted Maverick came free with all early purchases of the USAriadna army box. She's the same character as the mounted Maverick, albeit with a bandanna instead of a helmet. 

A very handy model to have as she can proxy for many other units in a faction which is still quite light on actual releases.

Druze Hacker (Human Sphere N3 2016)

The Druze Hacker is a great looking model and was included with pre-orders of Human Sphere N3. She's a popular choice for use as a Mercenary Wardriver in Ariadna and carries a PanOceanic Combi Rifle.

Human Sphere N3 2016Yuan Yuan (Red Veil 2016)

Ahh, Yuan Yuans. There are now four distinct sculpts for a unit that is only available to a single sectorial and even then at only AVA 3. Still, he's a beauty! I love the elegant pose and the curved sword.

It's also worth pointing out that his 'wings' match those of the Bashi Bazouks.

He also neatly continues the theme, started with the CSU, of adding in Mercenary models that can't actually be used with either of the vanilla factions...

General Release Version: Two-pack with Sword and with Rifle.

Special Releases

There are also a few miniatures that were made available independently of any other product, but only for a short period of time.

Generally they celebrate or commemorate a specific event.

Tabitha Lyons Bolt (Cosplay Edition 2014)

This unusual model was released in 2014 and is sold by Tabitha Lyons, on whom it was modelled, and is currently still available exclusively through her website -

Mine was acquired when she attended a tournament and seminars at Wayland games around that time.

Tabitha Lyons Bolt cosplay

The Bolt miniature was 3D modelled from photos Tabitha had taken from herself. When sculpting the model the artist only made one half the face, duplicated it and then went back and changed the symmetry slightly to make it look real. A perfectly symmetrical face would seem unusual even at this scale!

The Bolt is technically part of the Bootleg range so it's unclear if they are in fact limited in number as they appear to still be in production.

Van Zant (Gencon 2015)

The Gencon version of Van Zant was made available at Gencon 2015 to promote the release of the USAriadna faction. 

They were also available through direct order from Corvus Belli for a short while, although postage from Spain was considered to be rather pricy. 

General Release Version: Armed with a pistol and a whopping, great-big axe.

Achilles 10th Anniversary 2016

The Anniversary edition of Achilles was released in a double-pack with a non-limited version (due for separate release) to celebrate Infinity's 10th year. They were distributed to many stores and were available to purchase normally.

It might not be very clear but he's holding a Morat's head. Gruesome!

General Release Version: Armed with a MULTI Rifle.

Unknown Ranger (GenCon 2016)

Much like Van Zant the year before, USAriadna got a further Gencon-only release.

Once again they were available to order directly through Corvus Belli, international courier costs applying, and at the Interplanetary.

General Release Version: Shield slung over the back and rifle in hand.


Lastly you have the odd cases that don't quite fit into the other categories.

These were given out as player rewards or as incentives to buy into third-party games and accessories.

Heavy Armour Yuan-Yuan (Battlefoam Alpha bag 2011)

The Battlefoam Yuan Yuan is probably the rarest of all the limited editions. It was released way back in 2011 and was only given out to those who purchased a Battlefoam ALPHA bag (~$100), which was prohibitively expensive to ship outside of the US.

Please note that adorable little Battlefoam bag that comes with the miniature!

I'm not sure how many of these exist, but I've heard talk that there were around 750 produced.

General Release Version: Two-pack with Sword and with Rifle.

War Correspondent (Warcor exclusive 2015)

Each Warcor (like myself) have been given the option to buy three of these unique alternatives to the War Correspondent model each. Presumably these will become more common as more Warcors are inducted but for the time being they are also very rare.

It has a unique head and set of arms modelled on the well-known player and contributor, Magno.

General Release Version: Helmeted head, alternate arms and leg.

Toni Macayana (ITS Season 8 TAGLINE Packs)

ITS Season 8 is also unusual in that Corvus Belli released a limited edition series of tournament packs featuring a series of linked narrative missions, a general-release Umbra Samaritan and a limited edition version of the Tikbalang.

In this case, it represents Eduardo, Toni Macayana's personal TAG and it comes armed with a pair of brutal looking swords whereas the stock one has a gun held in the left hand.

Detailing on the shoulder pad

The model includes a shoulder pad with Toni's own insignia on it, which is a nice touch, but the sculpt is otherwise a bit unexciting. It's just a straight pair of arm swaps compared to the stock Tikbalang and even comes with the same scenic base. The profile doesn't even include a provision for wielding two close combat weapons.

Expect this miniature to be fairly valuable as it is rather limited in quantity! I'm pretty sure they sold out of the new packs in the first few months of the season and it's only going to be generally available to winner's of a TAGLINE tournament.

General Release Version: Sword over shoulder and gun in left hand.

RPG Miniatures (Modiphius Kickstarter 2016)

The RPG miniatures were all made available through the Kickstarter launched by Modiphius and have unlimited alternate sculpts available.

Unfortunately I have no other pics of these yet as they are yet to arrive, but I'll update once they've shown up.

General Release Version: Each miniature has an alternate general release.


  1. Very good article but Miranda Ashcroft came with Artbook 1.

    1. Thanks, you are of course correct and I've updated it now. This is why I shouldn't blog when I'm tired!

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  2. I have reread this several times. Every time I get upset when I see the gogo Marlene model. I can never have that amazingly awesome model.
    Someday I hope CB will release a new GoGo Marlene model. I really enjoyed reading the GoGo Marlene show bit in the core rulebook. I would definitely watch the GoGo Marlene show if it was real.
    I also wish I could find the Yuan Yuan mercenary. I love those Yuan Yuans.

    1. Aye, she's a lovely piece. Don't give up though, they do crop up on trading groups every now and again. :)

    2. How much does GoGo run when she does pop up? That Joan of Arc model is supposed to be common. She is up for bidding on eBay at 60$. Buy it now for her is $100. If those are common prices in would hate to see GoGo's value. That will probably be a NoGo for GoGo says II.

    3. While GoGo does occasionally sell on eBay for £45-50, I've only paid between £10-25 for my ones depending on condition. Joan is indeed fairly common and frequently sells for £10-15 so I wouldn't trust those eBay Buy-it-Nows.

      I'd definitely recommend joining some Facebook trading groups rather than relying on eBay though!