Wednesday, 23 September 2015

New Mobile Brigadas and Nisse HMG

Alright, one more post about the Interplanetary and then I'm done. Honest!

This post is later than it could be because I needed to get some of the pics approved first. There's a lot more that I'd love to show you such as [redacted], [redacted] and the new [redacted] but I lost the deciding combat. Oh well.

True story.

First up, we have the awesome new Mobile Brigadas. I'm not sure if these guys will be a box of four or a box of three + Tinbot like the Janissaries though.

I seem to have only taken pictures of three of them, but maybe I just missed one. Who knows.

Complete with tiny antennas.

Excitingly, there is a Missile Launcher sculpt, although she has a classic fist-pump pose.

This guarantees that there will be a new option(s) for the Mobile Brigada profile. I'm really liking all these inter-book releases and updates that they keep doing as it serves as such a revitalising force for older units.

The Missile Launcher actually just fires fists and she's in the process of reloading.

There's also this girl with a rather enigmatic looking weapon. I'm not sure what profile would be expected to come with a Pistol.

Personally, the outstretched hand makes me think 'Hacker', but I'm not too familiar with the re-sculpted Nomad weaponry so maybe it represents a Breaker Pistol, or the medic-gun for a Paramedic profile?

Stop right now, thank you very much.

With this new heavy weapon option and a specialist profile Mobile Brigada links should start looking like a viable choice.

The Nisse HMG has also long been expected and now it looks like he is going to be out Soon.

It's going to be a three-part model again and it retains the cool looking cloak the multiple 'eyes' helmet that gives it a really nice look.

It's hard to tell exactly what the final pose is going to be, but it looks like it might be a 'firing' one with the model bracing against the recoil.

I'm sure many people will be happy with these new releases, especially given that there isn't a tactical rock in sight!

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