Tuesday 21 April 2015

The Great Banner Search

With the one year anniversary of Lead Rising coming up in the next couple of days I think it's finally time to spruce the place up a bit.

I'm looking to commission a banner for the blog. There are a great many talented artists who are also wargamers so I figured where else would I turn to other than the communities I'm a part of?

The banner must include the name of the blog and ought to take aspects from the gritty world of the Realms of Chaos and the sleek, futuristic style of Infinity. Think gruesomely-mutated beastman squaring off against high-tech power armour soldier.

If you'd like to know more, or are interested in working on this, then please let me know by PM, Comment or Email (west.herts@gmail.com). I'll leave this open for a couple of weeks, or until I've made a decision, whichever comes first!

Secondly, as you may have already noticed, I've got a new look for the blog. The old design was only meant to be a place-holder and really was around for far too long.

Hopefully the new look will be easier to read and more pleasant to look at. This isn't likely to be the last change and you may catch me tinkering with the settings over the next few days so don't worry if things change again suddenly! Please do let me know if you experience issues viewing any of the pages now or something doesn't appear to be displaying correctly.

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