Tuesday 17 March 2015

Open Day at Bristol Independent Gaming

So I was down at Bristol Independent Gaming last Saturday to run demo/intro games as well as play a few casual battles as well.

It ended up being a really full day for me (I was pretty exhausted by the end!) but it seemed like everything was well received.

Adrian Wrenn was kind enough to take some photos on the day and I thought I'd share them with you lovely lot. :)

The stage was set for the clashes on the day

A Fusilier takes shelter among cargo containers

Another Fusilier uses a Kazak security vehicle as cover.

Alguaciles advance cautiously while a Mobile Brigada gives covering fire

I've got a busy few weeks of Infinity-ing coming up with a tournament on the 21st, an open day at WireWorld on the 27th, Excelsior on the 29th and Carterton on the 4th. Finally, it's all being capped off with a 200 point tournament on April 11th. 

I'll actually have to find some time to do tournament practice between all of this otherwise I'm in danger of being seriously rusty.

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