Thursday 24 April 2014

The Birth of a Champion

Dorrin opened his eyes and looked around, blood ran down his face and his ears rang. There had been an explosion, as if a keg of gunpowder had detonated beside him. He tried to remember what had happened to him. 

His caravan had been set upon by Beastmen, his kin had been cut down as they fought back to back. The Beasts were led by a horror, a walking nightmare, a deamonette. Tall and sleek, the arms and tail of a sea monster, a featureless face and a single breast exposed. Disgusting and alluring at the same time, a perverted being.

Dorrin and the daemon had fought, axe to claw, as the other dwarves were butchered, until he stood alone. The combat seemed to last forever, the beastmen turned and watched, baying for blood. Dorrin knew he couldn't win as the deamonette tireless wore him down before finally imapling him through the shoulder with a slender, razor sharp claw, her face close to his, she hissed in delight. 

Dorrin closed his eyes and swung his axe wildly one last time with all his remaining strength and struck home. He split the deamonette clean in two, it's magical life essence spraying out. There was a flash of light, what sounded like a thunderclap and the air reeked of sulfur. He blacked out.

Dorrin Blissbane - Chaos Dwarf 10 Hero

M WS BS S T W I A Ld Int Cl WP
Special: Resilient (+1T), Feathered Hide (Vestigial Wings), Berserker (See WFB p96)
Dorrin wields the two-handed axe Lustdrinker which has the abilities Might and Breathe

His axe was glowing, screaming at him, a face appeared from the flat of the weapon and spat obscenities. It was a deamonettes face. Dorrin stood up, a million thoughts rushing through his mind. He gripped the haft of his axe tightly and set about the slaughter of the beastmen with wild abandon. When he was done he buried his fallen brothers, cut his hair, took the slayer's oath and wondered into the wilderness seeking redemption and a glorious death. But a power greater than he ever could have imagined had other plans for him.

Dorrin will be the leader of my fledgling warband and has been rolled up in accordance with the guidelines set out by Orlygg over at Realm of Chaos 80s. As such, Dorrin is entitled to three follower rolls, two attributes (one positive, one negative or cosmetic) and one bonus gift - a Chaos Weapon. I have taken a liberty with him though as I've made him a Beserker which means he cannot wear armour. Because of his lack of concern for his own safety Khorne has granted him an additional property for his Chaos Weapon instead of the normal suit of armour he would otherwise receive.

Lustdrinker has the ability Might, which gives a whopping +3 strength when attacking, and Breathe which bestows immunity to all gas effects including the musk of the Fiend of Slaanesh and allows him to breathe underwater. I, err... I mean Khorne couldn't have planned it better!

I'll be writing up Dorrin's followers in the next post.

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